Paul, that's a video Dan posted earlier. Unless that was your intention...
All it tells me is that Google isn't as evil as I used to think.
GLENN BECK is complaining that a private company is getting favors from the government?

Isn't that what his ilk are all about?
9 minutes, Paul! Seriously man, you expect us to be able to stomach that much Beck in one sitting? Winnowing down his mass of crazy for the highlights it what we (vicariously) pay you for.
I wonder how he felt about electing the CEO of Halliburton as our Vice President?
I like how he points to Google getting kicked out of repressive countries as evidence that Google IS a government puppet.
The wingnuts need their own search engine that only returns hits to sites with blink and marquee html, with no less than 3 flag and 2 bald eagle images per page, with the highest page rank for animated gif bald eagle flags. Oh, and all caps. Lots, and lots of all caps.
At least Facebook recognizes Civil Union and Domestic Partnership now.

Freedom scares those who Fear Liberty. Like Beck.
Sounds like he's scrounging for a spike in ratings... don't think it'll work, though.
@9 not only that, but his advertisers are leaving him in droves.

Capitalism's like that.
I assume that one reason Tea Party people are dead-set against any kind of Net Neutrality regulation is because they can not get to a NYT-free net soon enough. Once they can all buy from a service provider that blocks any content that doesn't conform to their existing worldview, they'll be ever so much happier.

I'm guessing Sen. Santorum will be leading the charge to a google-free internet experience.
His site uses Google Analytics...
@ 12 Brilliant.

Seriously though, there's a deranged strategy here. If people can just Google the crap Beck parrots they can make informed decisions based on a wide variety of results and come to disagree with Glenn. However as Beck indicates at the end of the video clip, it's hard to get information on something these days without Google. If you taint Google as part of a Soros/Jones/Egyptian Democracy/Death Panel/Kenyan Stalinist conspiracy, you are encouraging viewers to cut off an avenue that many use to make an informed opinion. Seems to me Beck is making a futile effort to poison the well.
Hey Glenn! Bing and decide!
Google is the search engine of the Caliphate and lodestones will drain your soul of its' essence...
The man is a serious wingnut.

Is this a huge act for the cameras?
Does Beck know that other search engines exist?

BTW..suicide runs in his you know...I wish him well.
I'm a leftist who works at Microsoft. And thinks Google is evil. I'm not quite sure how to feel now...

Fuck if I want to agree with Beck, though. Looks like I need to find a new job.
@18: you just made my brain explode.
@19 Beck makes my head explode.
Beck's job is to make hateful people hate more people with more hatefulness.

I just wrote the above sentence.
How about the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generator?…
Saves so much time.
@22 Sadly I have to answer Ray with yes, yes it is.
Hey, anyone feel like signing a petition? Canada's broadcast agency, the CRTC, is encouraging a loophole which will allow "Fox News North" (SunTV) to *not* provide "fair and balanced" news, as has always been the requirement in Canada.…
The irony is that Google has essentially won at the capitalism game - which Glenn Beck loves. I wonder if he hates Bill Gates too for giving away all his money to charity?
So, something about the video struck me as odd. Like a half-remembered dream.

I did some Googling (Ha!) and found this:…

Say... you don't think.... nah, that's just crazy. There couldn't possibly be a connection.
@25 Signed.
Thanks, OuterCow!
this is the first g beck video ive ever watched. the guy is seriously conspiratorially nuts.

crazy right wingers- don't use google, don't use apple, microsoft, facebook, twitter.... make your own internet, it will be crazy!
Google has intimate and long standing connections to government spy networks.
Google is one of the corporations at the forefront of the government’s drive to use cybersecurity as a pretext for restricting the openness of the Internet.
Google is reported to have jointly invested with the CIA in an Internet monitoring project that scours Twitter accounts, blogs and websites for all sorts of information, and can also “predict the future”.
Outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt, a regular special guest of the Bilderberg kingmakers, has on several occasions displayed a complete lack of respect for the right to privacy and the Fourth amendment.
Google is actively helping the communist Chinese government suppress dissent while simply blacklisting free speech it dislikes in the United States altogether.
In line with White House technology czar Cass Sunstein’s stated agenda, Google also wishes to implement technology that “directs readers” to a stories with an “opposing’ view” from that of what they are currently reading.
Youtube recently implemented measures to allow its users to flag content that allegedly supports terrorism. Google claims to have instituted this policy after receiving complaints.
Check it out at 2:50-- they spelled National Geospatial Intelligence Agency 'Geospacial'. But it's okay, because he doesn't even know what that means.

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