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How am I seeing Friday's Morning News at 10:45 on Thursday night? I'm not that drunk, am I?

Clearly, it's because you are clairvoyant. Indeed, some of the news in that post has even happened yet!
Goldy! You need a Stranger staff tag, dammit. You've earned your wings, man.
Why wouldn't they just post that they're married? Just because the state doesnt recognize the union doesn't mean they can't call themselves married.
Have you seen facebook lately? There are SEVERAL pathetic losers who should have their status be "in a man on dog relationship." Fuck's sake, people, we don't give a shit about your pets - quit posting the damn photos!
@4 - In the UK, some LGBT people in civil partnerships do not want to be referred to as married because they feel that marriage has associations with stereotypical gender roles and religion, which they reject. (I know unmarried straight people who'd happily get civil partnerships if they could.) It's not like Facebook demands you produce a certificate to prove your relationship status.
stalker, sex slave owner, obsessive masturbator...
For those of us in domestic partnerships and civil unions, suggesting dog and man relationships might be next is extremely offensive. Goldy, a supreme assholery there, unless I misunderstand you.
@9 what is the emoticon for incredulous laughter?
Is this your first day on slog?
what's next? "In a dog on man relationship?"

Already covered by "It's complicated" I'd assume.

Why wouldn't they just post that they're married? Just because the state doesnt recognize the union doesn't mean they can't call themselves married.

Because way too many fucking people think "civil unions = marriage" -- and don't get that, though celebrating the civil unions options is nice, it's mostly a whole lot of smoke without much fire. If we're going to be given a separate water fountain, we should constantly remind people that we're drinking from it.
Get with the times, Goldy! Even before this change, you could be married to your dog on facebook. All you have to do is set up a facebook page for your dog (or someone else's, for that matter), and then set your relationship status to "married to Fido" or whatever. Of course, this kind of thing makes a mockery of the sacred institution of facebook-marriage, and will damn you forever in the eyes of facebook-God.
We're keeping our status as "Engaged" to signal that we are still trying to get married and a separate-but-equal status is not acceptable, and we want our friends to help.
It says this is available in Canada, but as far as I know, we don't have civil whatsits or domestic whosits, we just have marriage for everyone...?

I do know a few people for whom it would be handy to have the dog relationship tag, but it would fall under the category of "children.")
@2 - In my defense, I clicked on the "Post Comments" link for the Morning News that showed up last night, not this morning (hence my comment).

Clearly I need to check the headline in the comment thread in the future. Wheeeee!!!
@10: XD
@9, I'll 'splain (if you really didn't get it). Goldy was merely parroting the stupid non-sequiter arguments of the fundies against same-sex marriage; that, by allowing it, it would inevitably lead to marriage to an animal or incestuous marriage.
"Clearly I need to check the headline in the comment thread in the future."

Don't be silly, michaelp, outraged comments pertaining to other threads is almost as fun as reading someone's drunk slogging...

And in an unrelated note, check this out!:…
@18 - But I *swear* that I clicked on the comments for the Morning News (which, as you know, was posted last night). Sure, I was about 3/4 through a bottle of Syrah, but dammit, I blame the techies!!!
@19 You wouldn't be having those kinds of problems if you were drinking Guinness... ;)
I gay-married one my of my FB friends months ago to stop the incessant Xtian singles ads that kept showing up on my FB day after day. It's worked wonders.
@21 Firefox + Adblock = no ads. Not that you shouldn't be gay-married on Facebook. (There is also a version for IE that doesn't work as well, and one for Chrome that's pretty good)
@20 - yeah, but that will go straight to my gut. I'm already a tubby bastard by gay standards...I don't need to venture into Bear territory.
i just posted 'married' mom wouldn't go for 'partnered' or 'civil unions' and she was very very happy that we got married in a church.
so were we.
@23 Careful, crazy talk like that'll get you 1300+ comments...

(I don't actually drink much Guinness for that reason, but I think about it a lot...)
@25 - Ahhhh, but I'm not telling someone else what they should weigh, I'm saying that I don't want to weigh that much ;-) I'm pretty sure that means I'm not being a dick. Well...more so than normal. Wheeeee!!!
@26 Well, good luck with that, honey. Making honest statements didn't go so well for the other guy, more's the pity, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you... :-P
Cunuck get a fucking IM account or something.
This list is getting way too long. To serve its purpose, it need only have two options: "may be interested in fucking you", "not interested in fucking you".
@28 - go fuck yourself. :-)
@29 Bingo!
And yet Facebook still doesn't recognize poly relationships, or any other permutation of being involved with more than one person at a time.

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