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Take heart. This nation could also be another Zimbabwe before long.
Cancel Cable TV, Comcast has fallen. It's not safe.
I cancelled my cable about two years ago. Haven't missed it much.
Charles, what the RW has done which the left hasn't done and needs to do is buy media infrastructure-cable news stations and radio stations--so that the left can effectively communicate progressive ideas that catch on with the rest of the country and refute the lies and bigotry of the GOP.
Why do you think public schools are so terrible? The evil criminals that run this country want people stupid and easily manipulated.
How is a video about exposing lies supporting your premise that the GOP can effortlessly get away with it? I know one person in the world who doesn't think Fox News does damage to their position as a news source.
@7 - Both of which are not left leaning but trying to be in the center. Appealing to people's baser instincts? Sure, by lying their asses off to tell their viewers what they want to here. The comparison is not even close.
I avoid cable news like the plague, so I have no idea who that anchor is, but I'd have to say he's my favorite talking head now. He's like a less sanctimonious but equally acerbic Keith Olbermann.
"baser instincts. Leftist aren't much good at that."

Well it's hard to appeal to folks when your politics are more interested in where people can stick their genitals, the rights if shit-stained bums and the bizarre belief that gangbangers can be rehabilitated.
If only Bahrain and other nations in uprising had US cable news. They'd be more anesthetized and pliable to serve corporate aims, er, "live in freedom." Why not send some Americans to Bahrain to teach them some new opiate tricks?
@5, the public schools aren't terrible. That's one of those things people just choose to believe regardless of the evidence, like "crime is rising". They could be better, yes, undoubtedly. And comparing test scores to those in other countries where people are put into tracks at an early age and that don't have the same emphasis on the idea that everyone should go to school and everyone should go for 13 years and get a diploma is really comparing apples and oranges...different goals, different numbers.
If public schools were THAT bad, the Right wouldn't be constantly trying to dismantle the public system in favor of a completely privatized system.

The Right doesn't want to turn out poor students, because even the poorest student has some minimal cognitive skills. No, it wants to turn out a nation of obesient drones that don't think at all...
if public schools are so good why do the Obama girls attend a very expensive private one....
14, Oh please. If they sent the Obama girls to a public school, all the right-wing idiots would be screaming about how much it cost to provide security for them.

Serious-minded people of normal intelligence know that. What's your problem?
Catalina@15, please don't feed the trolls


Teachers work hard and deserve your respect.

Please give it to them.
I'm pretty certain it would not add that much to the security bill that is already spent, most of those resources are already allocated for family protection and it would be redistributed accordingly. In fact the only real reason I could argue is that it might interfere with the education but that is really the price you pay for living in the nations capital.

Anyway there is this mentality in our country that our leaders and their families are too good for the public institutions they espouse, In fact him sending them to a public school would be great endorsement of this system and would really get people talking, look what his family has done for the profile of localvor and urban farming community.

But god forbid we ask our leaders to live more like their subjects...

Anyway I guess it is easier to call someone a troll then to actually ask a good and hard question of their leaders, and asking him why he espouses public and union schools but doesn't send his daughters there is a good one.

No school-age child of a U.S. President has attended a public school in D.C. since Amy Carter back in the 1970's.

The reason Sidwell Friends School (a private school run by Quakers, so perhaps not quite the sort of power-elite school you're imagining) came down to a simple issue: security. Sidwell is well-versed in the needs of children of national politicians (Trisha Nixon attended school there, as did Chelsea Clinton & Al Gore III, and three of Vice President Biden's grandchildren are currently enrolled there) and so it is in many ways far less disruptive to both Obama's children, as well as to other students and their parents, than would be the case if they were sent to a public school that had little experience, and most likely far fewer resources, to deal with all of the security issues involved with protecting the children of a sitting President of the U.S.
COMTE is right. Even if Quakers are a lot of fun.

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