Hopefully a candidate that actually represents the values of King County voters will step to the plate and run against Satterberg (R) in 2013. His 96% of the vote in 2010 is worthy of a dictator. Perhaps that's why he's acting like one.
Indeed, who can forget the Stranger's masterful diplomacy in bringing together all sides to talk about the tunnel? You guys somehow got tunnel opponents to sit down and have civil dialog with vociferous tunnel opponents and even some violent tunnel opponents. This police panel should have gotten advice from you guys on how to avoid having a bunch of like-minded people bitching about a problem they cannot hope to solve themselves.
That's former State Senator Claudia Kauffman--she got unseated by a young Republican.
"Conspicuously missing from the list of panelists is a representative from SPD." Where is Tim Burgess for fucks sake? This police mess is the single biggest issue facing out city right now and he is not doing or saying shit. Somebody shoud run against him based on that. Get someone who is not a personal sock puppet for the cops.

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