LOL Thank you, that photo is priceless on a Friday.
I have to agree with you about the September issue- I'm not a fashion-oriented gay by any stretched of the imagination, but I was eventually convinced to sit through it and I gotta say, I really liked it. I'm in graphic design and marketing, so I can totally appreciate the film's protagonist, Grace, and all the crap she has to take from Anna. And don't get me started on Andre trying to learn tennis while decked out in designer duds and a large Louis Vuitton towel. Hi-larious!…
There was a picture on The Sartorialist recently of Anna Wintour and the caption mentioned it was one of the first photos he had taken of her without her body guards. Why the fuck does Anna Wintour need body guards?
Yes, I didn't be expect to be so be so drawn in to a documentary about the fashion industry.
@3 to carry her down the stairs.…

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