Military procurement underwent a profound shift in the 90s with the end of the Cold War. When the U.S. moved away from a closed shop where weapons were required to be built within a self-contained network of military contractors operating within our borders to a globalized system that mirrored the shift in the rest of the economy, the way new weapons systems were funded changed dramatically. In the post Cold War world, sales of older weapons to buyers all over the world help to fund the R&D on the shiny new weapons systems that we deploy first in the U.S. In a very real sense we are paying for our state-of-the-art military by arming the rest of the world.

The State Department plays a substantial role in this system, actively facilitating weapon sales as part of their normal duties.
Gun rights supporters have been pointing this out for years. The US provides military weapons to Mexico, which then "go missing" in various ways and get in the hands of the cartels. But instead, various parties like to blame civilian gun sales, which are a tiny percentage, as a way to restrict legal gun rights of US citizens. The government doesn't want to admit their own (indirect, unintentional) role in arming the cartels, and instead blame private citizens.
I've been saying this all along, but everybody just writes it off as more self-serving bullshit from the NRA. It's true, it's true, though. I know guns, and I see the photos of what's being confiscated from the cartels. That shit ain't coming from any gun show.
Wow, so Mexico is a lawless, corrupt, violent shit-hole filled with superstitious, ignorant foreigners who will cut your throat for $5.

I guess all those stereotypes I saw in movies growing up were true!
No way! This is just a crazy conspiracy theory. The government loves us, and homeland security is doing everything it can to protect us. So don't pay attention to Narco News, just give up your guns, your civil liberties, your personal sovereignty, and remember to pay your totally legitimate income tax, and all will be fine.
Profiting from the drug war. Guns are being bought with drug money and the gun manufacturers are profiting. Is this not money laundering? Is the federal government too weak to do anything? Drug war fail!
@4- Do you expect Mexico to be filled with Americans?
@7, Cabo and Cancun certainly are. And the Americans behave much, much worse than any Mexicans I've ever seen. The Italians swarming Playa del Carmen aren't much better.
To second what @1 said... the weapons aren't coming from the US Military directly, they are coming from the weapons manufacturers' alternate distribution networks.

Hey, it's capitalism! You want some guns? We got guns! Let's do a deal!

However there is market-control in the mix: You like drugs? We don't like drugs and will actively interfere with your markets!!

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