If the kids were pulled out of school to protest abortion rights for women, Fox News would cast it as a profound teachable moment for students about the power of democracy.
Gaa, this is always the angle these douches take when they're trying to discredit protesters..."I don't know why I'm here, my teacher said we had to come..." Teacher strikes in Edmonton, Boston, they always find one kid to use for a soundbite. And nice way to divert the whole discussion, too. What kind of example does peaceful protest in a democracy serve? Oh, I don't know, maybe as an example of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, all that twisted *constitution* shit...??
If you haven't seen it, here's video of Walker being interviewed earlier today by the editorial board of local CBS affiliate WISC:…
And he's the "least asshole" FOX News has to offer.
Fuck, Shephard Smith is an asshole. Fight on Wisconsinites, show these fuckers what democracy looks like.
The saddest part is that Shepard Smith is the most fair and balanced person on the network. He also has a tendency to publicly humiliate the super crazy people who write in to him.
ouch that was special assholery.
This is how it seems like all corporate television "journalists" interview these days when they're talking with someone they don't agree with, Maddow and Ed Schultz included. Either they’re beating them with feather pillows and it's nothing but dull non-answers, or they're throwing bricks at them until they get the answer they want. No nuance or thinking required. Just listen to the journalists tone and you’ll know how you’re supposed to feel about said issue, the actually words used are of little importance. Never any class.
sorry, the teachers are being selfish and thugish, and the Democrats are being cowards.
i like Andre Sullivan's take:

"You know what the Democrats might try next time? Winning an election. Running away is pathetic"…

It is blatant union busting and an attempt to harm political rivals, Wis. had a small surplus then Gov Walker in essence created this crisis by giving $140 million in tax cuts, then he proposes these limits to collective bargaining...

something is rotten in Wisconsin and the people know it.
@10, Sorry that you find civil protesters thuggish. Next time I'm certain they'll stay home to let you brownshirts dictate all the rules to us.

You know what it will teach the children? It'll teach them that they're not slaves and serfs living in a feudal society. It will teach them that they have the right to assemble and the right to freely criticize their government.

It will teach them, by example, about the Constitution of the U.S. and the first Amendment specifically.

Is FOX "news" upset that children might learn about their government and their Constitution?

What a retard. A whole network of retard.
Fux lies. They're Governor Mubarak's biggest supporter.

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