Unemployed? Join Tom Douglas' army!

Tom Douglas Restaurants is hiring for 3 new SLU restaurants

We're thrilled to be opening three new restaurants in South Lake Union on Terry Avenue in March of 2011.

Bravehorse Tavern-Serving burgers, beers and handmade pretzels

Cuoco-A fine dining Italian restaurant focusing on handmade pastas

Ting MoMo-A small Tiebetan take-out restaurant featuring handmade delicious savories

T-Doug recently opened a Serious Pie in South Lake Union, with a "biscuit bar" called Dahlia Workshop on the premises. There's a neighboring wine bar/shop called Soul Wine (because the people shopping for wine in South Lake Union will be chock-full of soul).

Ting MoMo! The internet says they're "Tibetan Cloud-Shaped Bread Buns." That is the most relaxing sequence of words in the English language.