I'm hoping he didn't name the restaurant Cuoco because he's totally into that actress on "Big Bang Theory".
How do you get a job doing PR and put out material that says "Tiebetan"? I can understand not knowing how to spell it, sort of, but how can you not know how to find out?

Will there be any Tibetans involved? Because I'd a lot rather eat Tibetan food from a Tibetan-run restaurant than some old white dude. Is this going to be one of those deals like Wild Ginger, where you can get better versions of the same ideas up the hill for half the money?

I've been to SLU recently, and it scared the crap out of me. Soul isn't the word that I was reaching for.
Sounds boring and expensive.
Bethany, have you seriously never had a momo? At, for example, Annapurna Cafe, the actual Nepali/Tibetan place run by actual Nepalis and located barely three blocks beyond your two-block radius?
@2 "How do you get a job doing PR and put out material that says "Tiebetan"?"

That couldn't possibly be a typo could it? And I'd be willing to bet that HR handles job posting, not PR.
i bet the folks at tensing momo are really excited about the name.

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