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Amen and thank you, Dan. Keep up the frothy work!
Given his vitriol, I'm pretty sure Santorum is fucking dogs when no one is looking.
Dude talking on TV says at the end that people have to pay a lot to have search terms to rise to the top of the hits list.

How much did it cost you to do this Dan? Seriously, you don't get paid to do this kind of thing, do you?
@3 - I'd like to believe it's people like me who click the spreading santorum link every time I see it.
Hah, between the SLOG and JMG posts I clicked that site 10 to 12 times just this week!
I'm going to click the link now! Clickclickclickclickclick!

Thanks Dan, this is a nice video on a weekend when your Repuglies are trying to wreck Planned Parenthood.
Wait, by "your" I mean America's. Sorry, no offense intended. Canada has lots of bastards too.
The unfortunate thing is that he'll use this as a fundraising tool.
When you put it that way, it seems he got off lightly (no pun intended...) I have to believe that a bag-of-snakes like Santorum just doesn't know any same sex families, let alone any openly gay friends, otherwise it would be too big a betrayal. Although I am perhaps a bit naive when it comes to the hypocrisy of which these guys are capable.
Okay, just watched the video, and in the subliminal messages dept., I find it interesting that Santorum makes the jerk off motion at the beginning of his speech (what is he trying to tell us?) and the cute newscaster is wearing a purple tie....curiouser and curiouser.
This is the best ever google bomb (all that means is link popularity - so anyone clicking on drives the stats up - you don't pay for that ranking - and his supporters are driving it up as much as we are when they check it out).

The really odd thong is that google would likely bump it down on request, buthewon't - I really wonder about that - does he want to play the sniveling card for other reasons?
I wonder if poor ole' Sen. Frothy Mix ever wonders to himself "Why did that mean old gay have to pick on ME? Why not one of the other gay bashers out there?"

I like to believe Frothy Mix thinks about that.
Isn't his name DON Lemon? Not that I care...he is a total dick for talking about how much was paid to get santorum to appear on Google.

Dan/Don Lemon is a DICK.
BEG, that was a Freudian typo....

Um, Dan's last paragraph...brownies or Guinness?
Dan needs to add this video to Spreading Santorum.
If only Google had been ubiquitous in 2000! I thought George W. Bush could never be elected because of the "Bush, Bush, In The Bush" disco song…
Santorum is gay. It is very obvious. At this point, he's fooling no one.
@14 oh boy... Blame the new iPhone *facepalm*
And eight years later this still makes me smile.
I love that the female anchor in this clip is clearly trying to keep from laughing as she explains the situation and former Sen. Frothy Mix's attempts to paint himself as the victim. She seems to be failing miserably at trying to keep her bias out of this story, and while it may be proof of that darned "liberal bias" she clearly seems to be spreading some santorum herself.
Nice work lol
I can't believe they're allowed to say "santorum" on TV! Children might be watching, for heaven's sake!
Go team !
@20 yes indeedy - i remember when that came thru - basically a call thru every liberal blog i was on to use the new link on his name everywhere. don't know how i didn't start reading slog back then but there ya go...

I still think he doesn't really want to run, or he'd've scrubbed this years ago
Rick Santorum annoys me so much, I just want to shove a dick in his hungry mouth to shut him up, but no waaaaay would it be mine. Brrrrr. Ted Haggard's, maybe.
Rick Santorum could have also spent the last eight years actually accomplishing something notable enough to rank higher in Google than a dirty joke. Spreading Santorum is clever, yes, but it's just a dirty joke, and it's stale -- eight years stale. Jokes have a short half life.

Yet Mr. Santorum has given us nothing more compelling about himself than somebody else's eight year old joke. He's lucky we're talking about the froth mix of lube and fecal matter, because if we didn't have that to talk about we'd be saying what an empty suit this little twerp is.
Click click click click.

LOL, I think Mr. Frothy Anal Mix had deep feelings of persecution before he ever gave that "man-on-dog" speech.

Christian - [persecution complex] = Buddhist
Is anyone else currently due to have this happen?
@11: Actually, I doubt Google would mess with their page rank algorithms based on someone's request. Their whole mission in life is to return the results that searchers want, not the results that potential targets would like them to see.
Are you trying to dodge responsibility for making this little girl cry???…
@19 BEG Turn off auto-correct, and you won't send your mother a text like the one my 14 year old sent me: "Some friends want to meet sodomy at the mall." Was it "somebody"? Only Apple knows...
Dan, I and a lot of other people run hot and cold on you, and your go-round with Lindy was like a fucking top-ten list of reasons for the latter state...

...but credit where it's due: with one little hilarious google prank, you very likely put a stake through the heart of one of the most thoroughly vile and detestable politicians ever to slither his way out of pennsyltucky, and for that I and every other sane human being in this country owes you a permanent debt of gratitude.
You're kinda my hero. I love the internet.
Rick Santorum is a former pot smoker. I heard him say so himself, back when he first ran for Senate.

He followed his admission with some bullshit about how he tells high school kids that it was the biggest mistake of his life, so it's okay.

Sorta like Bristol Palin giving abstinence lectures.
@31-- I think but could very well be wrong that Google has algorithms to try and limit the duration of intentional Google-bombing to keep people from using it for advertising purposes, but if they do it's largely automated and if Santorum's still returning the Spreading Santorum site, then that's pretty impressive.

He also *clearly* dreams of smoking pole. I mean seriously, Rick, @17 is right. We know, okay, we know.

Dan, the spreading santorum thing was sheer brilliance & I just love that it's lasted this long. Too good!

Off to click the link a half dozen times..
Big article in last Sunday's NYT about manipulation of Google search results:… it can be done, but.
Having a google problem sounds pretty gross too.
The fucked up thing is that he's playing the victim. Seriously, between Dan Savage and Rick Santorum who has the more power?

What Dan did to Ricky doesn't amount to much more than a practical joke. He's a media figure poking fun at a politician, that's pretty much par for the course. Dan's redefinition of "santorum" isn't any more sinister than Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin although on the plus side both of those instances made the respective politicians virtually unelectable.
I just feel sorry for his gay kid.
Thank you.
I still make a point to regularly google "Santorum" and click the all the frothy mix links. Now more than ever!
Googling "Santorum" is one of life's great joys - "Rick Santorum's Anal Sex Problem" is a particularly satisfying headline.

Kudos, Dan, kudos.
Dan, I have a google problem, and it's from hateful Republican douchebags. I'm not ashamed of my life and what I've done, but it does suck that the #2 google hit on my name, Marrena Lindberg, is from some nasty closeminded Ann Coulter wannabe, who also took a couple digs at you and this site. I know it's partly my fault for responding to her blog post in the comments, and I do know that the Internet is forever, but it does depress me that it's the #2 hit.

On the other hand, if you look how Republicans have gamed google when it comes to climate change, you realize that someone out there is spending a lot of money to get conservative think tank websites higher in the rankings. It's ridiculous the way google searches on global warming overwhelmingly show up global-warming-denier sites. So the Republicans are just upset that you took one of their dirty tricks and beat them at it honestly.
Gah, just realized by posting that that I am encouraging people to click on that google search of my name. Here's a link instead:…
@31, 37, et al,
I think the reason Dan's Google Bomb has persisted and hasn't been addressed by tweaks in Google's algorithm is that it is "organic" rather than "factory farmed" if I may apply those terms. Dan hasn't hired any digital media firm to set up hundreds of web pages with hundreds of hidden links to the "Spreading Santorum" page in order to fool Google but instead has managed inspire thousands of individuals to create disparate links to the "Spreading Santorum" page. Of course Google can probably do whatever it wants re. a particular term but I would think it have to fuck with it's core precept in order to break Dan's Google Bomb : more links means higher page rank. I don't think they will do that.

Oh and @32 - I so forgot about that picture - I hate to describe it as hilarious but... That was my avatar for awhile back then.
I still consider this one of your best deeds, Dan. It's been truly brilliant!
Google does sanitize the results. Search for Santorum, you get fecal, frothy, etc.

Seach for Rick Santorum, it avoids immediate mention of WHAT it is.
Can't blame him for trying to make lemonade out of .... well, yuck.
>Oh, look at all that mean gay dude—one of the guys I want to oppress—he's picking on meeeeeeeeeee!

Know in the trades as a political BITCH SLAP! You da man, Dan. *grin*
I'm not always in agreement with you, Dan, but you're a good man:)
@31 Google HAS altered the results of google bombs for politicians in the past.…
ex-senator Frothy deserves this ridicule & worse. Right on Dan!
Way back in 2000, a somewhat similar joke was played up here in Canada, on a somewhat similar asshole politician. A petition was started to force Stockwell Day to change his first name to "Doris" (it all kinda made sense in the context of the politics of the day, read up on it if you are interested).

Now, ten years later, because Stockwell Day, while still an asshole, is an actual legislator who actually DOES things, that's a one sentence blip on his bio. Mostly forgotten. If Rick Santorum were busy doing something other than pissing off tech-savvy liberals, maybe this would be mostly forgotten, too. It's his own damn fault.
@27 Hit the nail on the head. And it applies to a lot of these people. They don't actually do anything but play the victim card. Palin has made a career out of it. They cry about their rights to free speech while totally ignoring the fact that they aren't merely talking. They're actively trying to take away civil rights from people.

They could go feed a starving child. Build a house for Habitat for Humanity. Do something productive with their lives. They're far too interested in what people may or may not be doing in their bedrooms. It's creepy and counter-productive.

Rick Santorum also has a Twitter problem. :-)
I think the best part of this is I didn't even know it was someones name for a while. I heard it, used it and decided to check it's etymology after a bit. That's actually when I became a reader I think. In other words, santorum the ass froth meaning is more prevalent than santorum the metaphorical ass froth.
@31, for a site that Google doesn't like I can tell you for certain that certain page results return a pagerank of 0 for the specific term despite hundreds of thousands of hits and having huge pagerank on redirecting sites for variations of the term.
omg, the 5th definition down in the Urban Dictionary is over the top! poor Ricky.…
I've been hitting that link lately, just to help make sure it stays on top. Try it--it's fun!
@60: What site?
Google's criteria for results being "first" is not based on clicks. It's based on the amount of other sites that link to the particular page, and those subsequent pages, and spreads from there, similar to a fractal effect.
@42, indeed - and he's (or she?) having to endure the google bomb through no fault of his own.
Amen on that!
I'm really surprised no one has compared Santorum to a dog fucker or pedophile.
But what about all the innocent people who also have the last name Santorum????
Irreproachable logic and I'd like to see Dan challenge this little shit to a debate, in fact. 'You think it's a prank? It's about policy -- let's have a debate if you want to 'stand up to me.'"
Let's hope Ricky starts actually crying about this on O'Reilly and all of the other neocon puppet shows so we can say "Santorum Leaks all over FOX News"..
Would have been a better story if the anchor had said "We'll have to see how this comes out" instead of "turns out." And he was getting ready to laugh about midway through!
I know this whole thing has to be a pain in the ass for Santorum, but he doesn't need to act so shitty about it.
He keeps opening his mouth - and out comes santorum! he should learn to keep his lips locked together - or douche first!
@ 34: And a lot of people are just hot on Dan and cold on Lindy, so drop it already.
Hey Dan! I know it's difficult to caption stuff, but on your book promo, could you turn the auto captioning on at youtube, at least (it's one of the options when uploading)?

A book will be one way in which deaf/hoh who cannot access many of submitted videos finally get to read about some of the stories. (Did you have any of the ASL ones translated, in order to be included?)

Looking forward to it...
Calling this "Google bombing" is something of a mischaracterization; "culture jamming" is better. We didn't just spread "santorum" around to get it up in the Google rankings, or use black-hat SEO to artificially-increase the ranking. We actually displaced Santorum's name as the dominant meaning assigned to the signifier /santorum/ in contemporary culture, hence the accurate reflection of the position in the Google rankings. It's not just a Google smear job, it's cultural one.

Obvious, disgusting puns absolutely intended. :-)
Ok guys please DON'T spread santorum during sex.
Boo-fucking-hoo.. cry baby pissy pants. If you're going to attack a person or a group for who they are, you better expect they are going to defend themselves and/or retaliate. Rick got his ass spanked eight goddamn years ago for publicly being a loud mouthed bigot. But instead of wiping the snot off his face and working on his manners, he goes crying to Mom (Google / the media).
@ 9: "I have to believe that a bag-of-snakes like Santorum just doesn't know any same sex families, let alone any openly gay friends, otherwise it would be too big a betrayal."

If only his statements could be chalked up to ignorance. Not at all the case. Santorum's Press Secretary during his last senate run was an OUT HOMOSEXUAL! You have to wonder what his problem was. Not sure if links work here, but if you google "Robert L. Traynham" you ought to find the news stories about it from years ago.

And remember, before Savage Love readers so brilliantly tarnished his name... there was also Sen. Bob Kerrey who said Santorum was "Latin for Asshole."

But as a Pennsylvania voter, I am grateful for everything Savage Love readers did to help us get him out of office.
Time to fire the page back up. Gotta make sure it maintains it's rightful place at the top of the list... I can already see the, rather than call centers, search centers being set up where people just search Santorum all day and click the other links in efforts to make this go away.
I love his whining about civility in political discourse. Has anyone pointed out to him that Dan Savage (along with most of his readers who are the ones who actually came up with the idea and the new definition for santorum) is NOT a politician, a lobbyist, or makes his living providing commentary on politics? He's an advice columnist, author, and speaker, and sometimes gets asked and occasionally blogs to discuss political issues that currently and potentially could directly and materially affect his own and his family's life.
I hope everybody watched "The Colbert Report" tonight for more on this story!!
Oh, I so click clickety click...on anything Santorum that is about anything but the dick itself.
@PhillyLiberal...oh, that's way too depressing. I just keep asking myself what they can possibly be so afraid of? As much as I loved hanging out with the couple of gay guys I knew as a kid (think of the children!), the biggest influence they had on my vulnerable, malleable child's brain was the proper way to turn up a sleeve...
trow125 is correct. Please go here now...…
Uh, yeah. That's
I want that reporter lady in my bed now. Who is she?!
@48 Ah-hah. The More You Know(tm)
Is it just me, or does Sen. Frothy look a bit like Clark Griswold (only more smug and even more clueless) nowadays?
Hehe, that female news reporter had the biggest shit-eating grin for that story. I like her!

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