Hot on the heels of King County Councilman Bob Ferguson's official announcement that he is running for the presumably open office of Washington State Attorney General, former Pierce County Executive and Prosecutor John Ladenburg signaled the same, announcing this morning that he was forming one of those "exploratory committee" thingies.

“I am taking the first step evaluating a potential run for Attorney General,” Ladenburg stated. “I will spend time speaking with my family and supporters before I make any final decisions.”

That's politician speak for "I'm going to see if I can raise a bunch of money, and if it looks like I can, I'm in." Ladenburg didn't have so much luck on the money front when he faced off against the office's current occupant in 2008, so I guess his candidacy is not exactly a sure thing.

Two-term AG Rob McKenna is expected to vacate the office to run for governor in 2012, but he apparently doesn't have the balls to actually come out and say it.