Beautiful...but not very timely as VDay was a month ago.

Yet, here's a similar cheery tale for President's Day, which took place in the Urban Financial Center of High Density Seattle...

Police say a man was stabbed in the neck and chest around noon Monday on a downtown Seattle street corner, at Third and Pine.…

Brokers, lawyers, financiers...come one, come all. When New York's Wall Street says bloodbath they don't hold a candle to the Emerald City.

Short months where you live, huh SROTU?

I move the guy should just get a slap on the wrist if he actually wrote "twenty-, fifty-, and hundred-dollar bills." We need to reward correct hyphenation wherever we can find it.
@2, I'd give the guy the money...only person that seems to have the guts to take the money back from the banks after they stole it from us.

And you know what? I'm at the point I could support bank robbers these day..but focus on B of A, Chase and Wells Fargo.

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