Back in November, I looked at election results that were sending Democrat Patty Murray back to the U.S. Senate and posed a question:

Senator Patty Murray could not have tossed Republican Dino Rossi onto the political trash heap, and would not be heading happily into her fourth term, were it not for the record-setting 72 percent turnout in liberal King County, which kept Murray from slipping behind in a super-tight race and helped keep the U.S. Senate in Democratic hands.

Now: What does Patty Murray owe King County in return?

Many people answered, among them Josh Friedes, executive director of Equal Rights Washington, who told me:

We want her to be a strong voice for repeal of DOMA, and we are looking forward to continuing the conversation with Patty on the need for marriage equality.

Murray, who voted for the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 and has never formally repudiated that vote (much less called for the act's repeal), will be the keynote speaker on Thursday at an awards dinner put on by the Greater Seattle Business Association, the city's gay business group.

The GSBA says it's proud to be hosting "our fabulous U.S. Senator" and that "you won't want to miss hearing her."

The question is: When it comes to matters of political substance—and, given the location, political payback for her success in November—will Murray say anything that's not completely missable?