The philosopher and professor Nic Veroli (I have collaborated with him on several occasions in the past), has a new blog that deserves more attention. It's called Imagine Politics, and its reason for being is to develop several ideas and themes in and around the concept of a “neo-communism.” Nic Veroli is a Marxist philosopher, and also an activist who has taught at Seattle University, Bard College, and the prison system in New York State. The final comment on his most recent post, The Communist Decision, says it all:
Today, only communists can be properly called philosophers. The name adequate for those who claim to be philosophers but are not communists is very old indeed. It is: sophist.
It's near impossible for a philosopher to be anything but a Marxist. Being a commie is not simply a matter of theory; it is also consistent with the biological truth of the human organism and sociality. And the business of philosophy is to look for and to situate thinking close to what is most true.