Last year, Mayor Mike McGinn's State of the City Address was messier than a three-way divorce. Amidst his circuitous speech—stressing the problems facing the city rather than any solutions he had for fixing them—McGinn shuffled papers, lost his train of thought, and sweated harder than the hinges of hell.

It was a grim, disappointing show, especially coming from a man who is generally a pretty gifted orator.

Today, at 2:00 p.m., McGinn has the chance to redeem himself. If he learned anything from last year, he'll briefly lay the groundwork for where Seattle is currently before launching into his more important points, i.e., where Seattle should be headed during the next year and how he plans to get us there.

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Some topics he might touch upon: funding the seawall, police accountability, the tunnel, the 520 bridge, and a light rail levy to fund a Ballard/West Seattle connection (he promised to put one before Seattle voters by this November, remember?). It'll also be interesting to see if, and how, he addresses Seattle City Council members, WSDOT officials, and other government officials with whom he has a historically cantankerous relationship.

Or McGinn could roll out an entirely new vision for the city—a vision that includes a double-decker deep-bore tunnel with topless tollbooth kiosks at each end. And he could challenge city council members to climb aboard his vision and take it for a ride.

We'll find out at 2:00 p.m.