The signs of movement at Seattle Pacific University continue, with nearly 100 faculty members signing an open letter to the school's students in response to SPU's marginalization of its LGBT group, Haven.

Here's a student newspaper article about the faculty letter, and here's the letter itself:

To our students, present and former:

The recent events concerning Haven’s status prompt us to redouble our commitment to express our deep, abiding love and care for each and every precious one of you—with whatever cares, concerns or questions you have as you come into our classes, offices, labs, performance halls and library carrels.

As faculty, we are proud to be the voices of SPU’s ecumenical spirit. We come from diverse perspectives on issues of sexuality, but we all share a common pastoral concern for the safety of your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit. You are the reason we have been called to Seattle Pacific University. We have a deep sense of responsibility toward your genuine growth as unique human beings of inestimable worth. Sometimes, these encounters change you and us forever, for the better. Sometimes, we fail to meet our own standards. Forgive us for our lapses of this duty to you.

We commit ourselves anew to make a safe place for you to live, learn and grow. And we take heart, like Paul, that nothing—nothing unwise we say, nothing shortsighted we do, nothing unthinking we do—will be able to separate each of you from God’s love that is in Jesus Christ.

We share your hope for a rich and gracious dialogue on issues of human sexuality that trouble the church and that have too often been neglectful of the minority voices among us. Therefore, as faculty, we commit to partnering with you to promote those conversations on SPU’s campus.


Christine Chaney, English

Stamatis Vokos, Physics

Priscilla Pope-Levison, Theology

Kevin Neuhouser, Sociology

Gaile Moe, Family and Consumer Sciences

Jeff Keuss, Theology

William Purcell, Communication and Journalism

Jennifer McKinney, Sociology

Michael Hamilton, History

Kerry Dearborn, Theology

Lane Seeley, Physics

Tina Schermer Sellers, Marriage and Family Therapy

Patrick McDonald, Philosophy

Jack Levison, Theology

Robbin O’Leary, Mathematics

Kathy Stetz, Nursing

Andrew Ryder, Theatre

Greg Fritzberg, Education

Ben McFarland, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sharleen Kato, Family and Consumer Sciences

Luke Reinsma, English

Don Holsinger, History

Susan VanZanten, English

Sharon Young, Mathematics Education

Christopher Sink, Counselor Education

Shannon Scott, Communication and Journalism

Eric Hanson, Music

Rod Stiling, History

Sara Koenig, Theology

Don Yanik, Theatre

David Diekema, Sociology

Ruth Ediger, Political Science and Geography

Mícheál Roe, Psychology

Kevin Bartlett, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Elaine Scott, Engineering

Eleanor Close, Physics and Science Education

Sandra C. Hartje, Family and Consumer Sciences

Carlene J. Brown, Music

Jennifer Maier, English

Laura Lasworth, Art

George A. Scranton, Theatre

Brian Chin, Music

Doug Thorpe, English

Owen Ewald, Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics

Kimberly Segall, English

Elaine Weltz, Computing Sciences

April Middeljans, English

Tom Trzyna, English

Denise Daniels, School of Business and Economics

Roger Feldman, Art

Margaret Diddams, Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

David Nienhuis, Theology

Dana Kendall, Psychology

David Stewart, Clinical Psychology

Don Peter, Engineering

Amy Mezulis, Clinical Psychology

Ed Smyth, Educational Ministry

Kathy Fitzsimmons, Nursing

Gary Fick, Library

Cindy Strong, Library

Baine Craft, Psychology

Rick Jackson, Communication and Journalism

Liz Gruchala-Gilbert, Library

Scott Beers, Education

Frank Kline, Education

Thane Erickson, Psychology

Tracy Williams, Education

Evette Hackman, Emerita Family and Consumer Sciences

Timothy A. Nelson, Biology

Doug Strong, Theology

Lorelle Jabs, Communication and Journalism

Cindy Fitch, Biology and Pre-Health Advising

Ursula Krentz, Psychology

David Leong, Theology

Stephen Michael Newby, Music

Sharon Hartnett, Education

Melani Plett, Engineering

Raedene Copeland, Family and Consumer Sciences

Rebekah Rice, Philosophy

Bob Drovdahl, Educational Ministry

JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner, Physical Education and Exercise Science

Karen Snedker, Sociology

Ross Stewart, School of Business and Economics

Phil Prins, Computing Sciences

Al Erisman, School of Business and Economics

Jim Rand, School of Business and Economics

Randy Franz, School of Business and Economics

Rick Eigenbrood, School of Education

Heidi Monroe, Nursing

Bryce Nelson, Library

Janet Bester-Meredith, Biology

Steve Johnson, Mathematics

Daniela Geleva, Family and Consumer Sciences

Don Summers, School of Business and Economics

Steve Layman, Philosophy

Wayne Johnson, Music

Lynette Bikos, Clinical Psychology

Don MacDonald, Marriage and Family Therapy

Bryce Nelson, Library

Lyle Peter, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jon Deming, School of Business and Economics

Mike Langford, Theology

Charlotte Pratt, Biology

Michelle Beauclair, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Rainer Seitz, School of Business and Economics

Karisa Pierce, Chemistry and Biochemistry

(This is a partial list of signers as of Feb. 21 — a complete list will be published in the next issue of The Falcon in a full-page advertisement.)