Yesterday, when I was posting about the café by SeaTac that supposedly bans TSA agents, I contacted, which broke the story, to ask for information about the name of the café. I got a response from Christopher Elliott that read:

Thanks for your interest in the story. She will not reveal the name of the cafe, but you might ask.

He included the e-mail address of KC McLawson, his contact person on the story. I sent an e-mail to McLawson last night and another e-mail just now asking for information about the location and name of the café. Right after sending the second e-mail, I got a response that read, in its entirety:

On mid winter break. Will be back next week

So, yeah, this story seems sketchy. If I hear any more about it from McLawson, I'll let you know, but based on prior experience, I doubt that I will. Intrepid news intern Megan Burbank is contacting the TSA and trying to find confirmation of the café's existence, but until someone provides proof, we should assume this café is imaginary. Sorry. Blogging is fun!