Go ahead. Laugh at those Wisconsin rubes, and how they're letting themselves get played by a couple of New York billionaires. I mean, it could never happen here, right?

Think again, country bumpkins.

As was reported last fall on HA (and very little anywhere else), the Koch brothers, through their Tea Party associated front group, Americans for Prosperity, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars helping Republican Jaime Herrera win election in Washington's 3rd Congressional District this past November... even after shutting down a mill and outsourcing over 300 jobs in her home town of Camas!

And my friend Kirby Wilbur—the newly elected chair of the Washington State Republican Party—he ran the Washington chapter of Americans for Prosperity this past election year, overseeing questionable (and quite possibly illegal) campaign finance and reporting activities on behalf of the Kochs.

So if you think what's going on in Wisconsin under Koch-toady Gov. Scott Walker, couldn't happen here under say, Governor Rob McKenna... well... you might want to look for my feature in next week's edition of The Stranger.