Apparently Newt Gingrich recently bragged on Twitter about his tyrannosaurus skull:

  • via wonkette

Wonkette asks if it's legal for Gingrich to keep a dinosaur's skull in his office. This depends on whether it's a real fossil or a cast, and if it's real then where the skull originated. (Casts are very common, and even major museums often have only casts of fossils.) Legally it's probably fine, but as much as I would LOVE to have my own dinosaur skull, I think we're better served as a society with rare fossils preserved and accessible to everyone. So screw you, Newt. Douchebag.

This reminded me of another douchebag with a dino-skull, Nicolas Cage. In 2007 he out-bid Leonardo DiCaprio, paying $276,000 for a skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar, alternately identified as a Tarbosaurus ("alarming lizard"...not as tough as "tyrant lizard"). Either way it was an Asian relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex. And either way screw you too, Cage. Douchebag.