And of course I have a framed photo of the gum wall hanging in my living room.
Once again, you're wrong, Brendan.

This wall is famous worldwide and is a major tourist attraction to boot.

Just because it's not YOUR art doesn't mean it's not ART.

Now, the Debt Beguiling Tunnel, that is NOT art. It's a travesty. Even if you chained Cerberus to the Seven Gates of Hades it would still be disgusting.
Amateurs. This is a gum wall:…
The University Village should get it first. It's unequivocally one of the worst things in Seattle. Then the Opera House gets it, as nice as it may be on the inside. And Seriously Seattle, they tore down that melty/bubbly thing on Lower Queen Anne, but let Gehry leave that steaming metallic dump on the city?

Leave the Space Needle alone. Along with Yamasaki's arches, it's one of the best goddamn pieces of architecture there.
Oh, Mr. Kiley, one wonders how you function with your panties constantly in a bunch.

So if someone comes along and tags the side of my house and I hate it, I'm being anti art, and they aren't vandals but "street artists". And if a bunch of people get together to decorate one wall and the owners of the wall are happy with it, and the city is okay with it, and it's a landmark and tourist attraction, but Brendan hates it, then tear the fucker down! Explain that to me.
I'd suggest 1117 Pike Street.
@6 so long as it's Richard Conlin's house that's being tagged, or the Stranger offices, then it's art. That's the rule.
The graffiti/street art wall on the other side is super amazing, and always changes. Maybe you should just look in that direction when you walk through the alley?
Ew! Shouldn't that be a health code violation?
Tsk, Brendan. It's not even summer, when the gum melts a little and becomes... floral in scent.
Sorry Seattle - that's fucking disgusting.
Tear it down? I don't know. Let me chew on that for a while.
10 years ago it was amusing. now, it is disgusting. freeze it and scrape. start over.
I work nearby, and always see kids taking pics of eachother with a piece of gum half-stuck to the wall and half in their mouth still. Just typing that caused me to hyper salivate while my gag-reflex attempted to close off my throat. Gaah.
I wouldn't tear it down, but our relationship is...complex.
Zzzzzzzzzz, indeed.
Gum wall rad. Kiley lame.
The gum wall is gross and great. Let's keep it that way.
Kiley just proving: a. too old. b. out of it c. hates public art d. drinks too much
@11: Nice.
I can't come up with any reason someone would HAVE to cut through that alley. There is nothing essential in it, and lots of alternate routes. Maybe Kiley secretly loves his own revulsion and goes that way on purpose?
The Space Needle is great.
How could I have lived in Seattle for almost 20 years and never heard of this gum wall thing?
...and don;t forget to get rid of that eyesore known as the Space Needle.
If you tore down the space needle, Seattle wouldn't have any recognizable landmark. It's our golden gate bridge, we NEED it.

And the best thing about the gum wall is that it's right across from the Alibi Room which is a delicious source of pizza and libations. (also, some of the gum is like 10-15 feet up on the wall and it makes you wonder what antics got it up there.
I use it for free gum.
Oh, Brendan. Don't walk past the Gum Wall. I work at the Market itself and I don't walk past the Gum Wall. It is very easy.

Quitcher bitchin'.
It's classically feminist art, innit? This was inside my body, and now it's here, in your face, grossing you out.
Sometimes, when I'm hiking, I'll encounter a tree that has sufferred a similar fate. In the case of the Gum Wall, at least a living thing is not the victim. That's the only saving grace about that nastiness.
@26, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
I constantly people taking their WEDDING photos next to the Gum Wall, so it certainly serves some sort of purpose, just not sure what that is...

Also, the Market Theater has a gumball machine in their entry way, so they're capitalizing on this "attraction" all the way to the bank.

Complain about how people don't curb their dogs in this messy-ass town if you're going to cite health code violations.
How bout we just stop tearing down the "bad" parts of Seattle all together...? Grit gives the city some character, rather than looking like the ageing hippie/yuppie wasteland that it is becoming! Stop putting up new condos that no one will ever fill and leave the fucking gum wall!

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