...and we couldn't tell which ones would grow up to be black at birth—just go with me here—then we wouldn't let racists adopt. Just to be on the safe side, just because the last thing a black kid needs is white racists for parents, just, you know, adoption is supposed to be about what's in the best interest of the child and all that. So this seems completely reasonable to me.

A Pentecostal Christian couple have lost their high court claim that they were discriminated against by a local authority because they insisted on their right to tell young foster children that homosexuality is morally wrong.

Eunice and Owen Johns, who are in their sixties and have fostered children in the past, claimed they were being discriminated against by Derby city council because of their Christian beliefs, after they told a social worker they could not tell a child a "homosexual lifestyle" was acceptable. The couple had hoped to foster five- to 10-year-olds.

LGBT children whose families refuse to accept their sexualities—and they represent a large chunk of the kids in foster care—are eight times likelier to attempt suicide than kids whose families accept them.

You have a right to believe whatever biblically-based nonsense you like, bigots, but you have no right to torture foster kids to death—all because you haven't learned (yet) to ignore what the the bible says about homosexuality they same way you've learned to ignore what the bible says about women, virgins, slavery, beards, lobster, rape, etc., etc., etc.