I like the sound of the service HFOT provides.
So there's no Adam4Adam type of thing for straight people?
HFOT provides good advice, except for the one detail (and an important one!) that Dan mentions. I hope Mrs Robinson will be able to find what she is looking for, and will have fun with it.

It's always nice to see people actually helping each other fulfil their fantasies. Here's SLOG for you: people helping people be(come) better people. :-)
We need more rules! Here's one: no cheating married guys. I think that one is actually written in the internet EULA.
I like his description of Craigslist as sort of the Little Nickel of hookup sites.
See what happens when you ask Dan for advice? Ask and ye shall receive. It was really great that you took the time to respond with this, HFOT!
Wait, what? HFOT, you have a stable of attractive, respectful, 40-something guys who will play with both of you? Or are you just hotwifing? If it's the former, where the hell did you find them? (I can guaran-damn-tee it wasn't on OKCupid - the bi boys are few and far between there).

I see a business opportunity here for HFOT. How great would it be to have someone do all the tedious screening/matchmaking for NSA encounters? They could set up a desk in a hotel lobby with a light with a green lamp shade and all the works-- help more people get what they want more safely. It seems people would pay for that. If you are just providing the screening that wouldn't be solicitation would it?
So what was the attachment with the hilarious quotes?
If it were only up to voters born before 1980, Sarah Palin would be a 70+old heartbeat away from the presidency. Maybe Mrs Robinson's fantasy with a younger man is rooted in her not very mysterious shame of her own generation.
@7 There was a time when I checked out OKcupid. I'm a bi boy as you put it and saw plenty of others there too. What I found though is that there aren't couples looking for men to play with. They all want a 20 year old woman. This is pretty common even among swingers.
As someone who has dabbled in the "scene", @11 is correct.

However there are just as many disappointed wannabes who are not only older, they are also out of shape as well, and often seem to seek out the lifestyle due to their lack of social abilites combined with lack of personal fitness, not to mention their unrealistic understanding of the "rules". Every guys thinks they can handle the emotions that go with trying to participate, and all they need is to have a swinging dick, and they are "in". It is so much more than that.
Re; Tip #6 - Exactly how do young experienced guys get to be older experienced men if they don't get to have sex with Mrs Robinsons?

It's like the "first job" catch-22: You can't get a job without experience, but you can't get experience without a job.
@13: By having sex, full stop. On-the-job training, as it were. While the idea of the experienced older woman teaching the eager young buck the ways of love may be primo porn fodder for some, in reality it rarely happens that way. Young inexperienced guys have crappy sex with young inexperienced girls. As time goes on, both they and the girls get less young and more experienced.

Long-term relationships help too. Spend a few of years having regular sex with the same person and you start to learn a whole lot about what to do and how to do it. Having a regular partner also helps to build confidence to try - and learn - new things.
Wait, this guy has a hot wife, plenty of sexy friends, CL-ing day and night, but DAN'S COLUMN is the highlight of their week?

Am I the only one sensing a disconnect there?
Nothing personal, Dan. I like the column just fine, but it ain't *that* good.
phone call to verify chemistry? skype is way better and you get to see if he's the same guy as the pic he sent...

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