It's always a delight to be surprised and moved by something so unexpected.
Is there anything more badass than a stoic motherfucker weeping??? cool dance.
It's so original that I wonder if it won't have bigger ramifications.
I agree with @4. Has this merged hip hop and ballet in a way that the artforms themselves are changed?
Dance is the coolest of all art forms.
Damn. Thank you so much.
Wow. Amazingly cool. The kid is a contortionist, but uses his ability to do something beautifully original, rather than the usual freakshow.

I do understand what they're saying, and it's still beautiful.
From a little research (please jump in with corrections) it appears that he is 20 years old, named in honor of John Lennon, and is a poor student that saw Swan Lake at a school outing, and did the choreography himself. At the beginning the judges are pretty mean to him, with the blonde woman going so far as to say that his costume doesn't have anything to do with his song choice, and he's even asked if he's familiar with the song he picked. Someone made Yoko Ono aware of this, she watched it, and posted her thoughts on her Facebook:…

"Dear @DonnieMather, i am totally and deeply touched. Thank you for letting me see this. Please send my love to the incredible artist/dancer. He made me choke up. With love, yoko"
A dying swan is always a sad, sad thing.

This guy is one big (skinny) double joint, isn't he? Wonder what Tchaikovsky would have thought about those trainers.

I am in awe of the diversity of beauty humans are able to create.

That was dumbfounding.
So that's what happen when you mix the physically impressive part of hip hop with the majesty of classic music. More!!

I have to disagree with @7, though. There are plenty of books that are capable of bringing emotions as powerful.
Looks like a well-practiced and choreographed form of rave dance styles to me. Pop-n-Lock + Liquid.

The kid is good, but I don't know why everyone is crying.

It's not the best I've seen even here in Seattle.
Of course, the dancing I've seen was to electronic music. But I guess if you do it to Classical music somehow it's more beautiful and artistically valid.
"the fact that you can't understand what they're saying."

Speak for yourself -- Se voce no podesse entender o portugues, nao significa que os outros -- inclusive eu -- nao pode.
Care to translate for the rest of us rubes?
"If you can't understand Portuguese, it doesn't mean others, including me, can't." Not trying to be snarky, but there are two problems here. The first is writing in the second person when the writer doesn't know everyone in her audience -- including some who actually do speak Portuguese. The second is the general American problem of people not speaking any other language but English, and assuming that no other Americans do as well, which I think is underlying the first. Kind of a pity.
Anybody catch the choreography to the French-Arab hip-hop "Tekitoi" on SNL ?
Funny, I wonder which came first: Lil Buck dances to the same song with Yo Yo Ma:
carnivorous chicken don"t make areply saying not to assume something when you make a bash at americans because you think none of them speak any other languages Anata wa baka desu ka?

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