I've always wondered, where does the blogosphere holds its' parties - inside an IMAX dome?
Mr. Locke should either exit Mr. Stephens or direct him to talk to the investigator.

If FOX or some conservative group got ahold of this story, it would not look good for Obama or Locke. They should do as Rob McKenna likely did (he probably told the former head counsel of SPS, Gary Ikeda, to talk to the investigator and suddenly Gary is going to talk).

This is a very racially charged story that any conservative group could use against Obama. Someone better do something.
I understand quite a bit of money went from Potter into lobbying down in Olympia. What if any is newly elected King County Councilmember McDermott's role in all of this. Am I correct that Councilmember McDermott was a Legislator/Senator while at the same time working as the Senior Budget Analyst at Seattle Public Schools while this scandal was going on? How does he explain the 1.8 million the tax payers (and worse, the children in Seattle Public Schools) were cheated out of???
Maybe this is the reason Locke is leaving Commerce:

"...presided over a Census count that came in 25 percent under budget – returning more than $2 billion to the Treasury.”

Maybe he stepped on some contractors' toes....
Fail your way to the top!

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