In the video above, Joe Conway, the president of the Madison firefighters union, is seen calling for a general strike, a labor action that technically is not legal under the odious Taft-Hartley Act. In fact, public employee unions were already barred from striking in Wisconsin under existing law, so talk of a strike of any kind is dramatic in itself.

But this just shows you the level of anger on the ground in Wisconsin, that even firefighters—who are exempt from the governor's union-busting bill—would embrace a strike that could ultimately cost them their jobs, since workers engaging in a general strike have no legal protections. Gov. Walker could unilaterally fire all striking workers and move to decertify their unions. And given what an asshole he is, workers should expect exactly that, which is just one of the reasons why a general strike is so unlikely.

That said, personally, I could never bring myself to work for a boss who so openly despises and disrespects me, so I myself would vote for a strike, as self-destructive as that decision might be.