Move along. They be white, so they can't be terrorists. They be like the I.R.A.
I wonder why Karen Loeffler, the Obama-appointed US Attorney in Anchorage, didn't pursue more charges?
Well personally, I think they have a good reason for not charging them with terrorism. For it to be real terrorism, there has to be terror, and for there to be terror, you have to get the media, knowingly or not, to play ball and help you spread your message.

Really, how is it terrorism if no one's terrified? And since these good ol' boys are white, the MSM will just paint this as a kooky, isolated incident. Just like Andrew Joseph Stack III who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin, and Byron Williams, who shot police offices when he was stopped on his way to murder people at the Tides Foundation. See, since the media never tried to make us afraid of these guys (because they weren’t Muslims) it never rose to terrorism.
They're sovereign nations, eh? Perhaps we should declare war on them.
In the same way an individual is a sovereign nation, domestic violence IS domestic terrorism....
congratulations, captain irrelevant! lets split hairs over the word terrorism, shall we?
spot on, outer cow.
But... The terrorists in Die Hard were white.
"...."citizen sovereignty" movement, which considers individuals to be sovereign nations not subject to any state or federal laws."

Sounds like a bunch of anarchists to me.

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