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They do love their candidates with partial "executive experience" now don't they?

What amazes me is the republicans who are in unions, who are for this guy. I personally know of a teacher in WI who is one.

The extent of the brainwashing is astounding.
And most likely by 2012 Walker too will be a "former governor", which would mean basically NONE of the GOP front-runners would be current office-holders.

Which brings up a question: Has ANY President in recent decades NOT held a public office at the time they announced their candidacy? I can't think of one since probably Eisenhower...
Well, he has to do something after he gets recalled and thrown out of the governor's office later this year.
@4 there's always the AEI or other Communist organizations.
When the economy is so bad people are living in cars, unable to get basic health insurance, paying more for less at the supermarket, a point is reached where enough apathy dissolves for voters and the disenfranchised to do what they can for change. History has shown this time and time again.

I wonder if politicians' public gaffes concerning history ignorance aren't intentional: "if we remain ignorant, or show that we're ignorant about history, then the voters will be too and we can keep on screwing 'em until the meat falls off their bones, then we can squick'em."
7% of private sector employees are union.
The Dems can have them and the GOP will take the 93%...
The GOP candidate will be whoever the Kochs say it is.
Walker is modeling himself after this very politically successful incident:…

Reagan ordered police and guardsmen to shoot at protesters. It cemented his reputation as a tough guy. I knew that's what Walker wanted when he threatened to have the WI guard activated.

Remember that to Conservatives, loss of order is a frightening thing. That's why the Democrats lost to Nixon after Chicago police put the beat-down on protesters in 1968. Conservatives will react viscerally to the protests in Madison and see Walker as the protector of order
@3 - Nixon, I think.
and Reagan. Also Mondale '84.

That makes sense.


I briefly considered Reagan, but couldn't remember whether he was still Governor of CA at the time. Could have Googled it I suppose, but sometimes I just like to see whether my wetware is still working...
Walker becoming a candidate would be very bad for whatever shreds of American unity still remain.
why must we continually discuss who these fucknuts are going to nominate? that person, like every republican, will suck.
@8: 6.4% of households in America are millionaires.
The GOP can have them and the Dems will take the 93.6%...

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