Stay classy, Goldy.
Sorry, you shouldn't fixate on words from statements that rely on translation Goldy.
That is douchebagiest thing I've heard in a long time. Seriously? You think one equals the other?
lost in translation? Funny how you don't even mention this as a possibility, fantastic journalism Goldy
I seriously cannot believe that you were hired. You're an embarrassment.
Good one, Goldy. Seriously, I thought it was relelvant
Oh sheesh, it was funny, admit it...

No matter how dangerous the current situation, comparing even a possible meltdown in a facility designed to contain it to the 2,000 ft detonation of a nuclear bomb is ignorant, and disrespectful to the victims.
1:00pm on Friday is about the right time of day to start a troll I guess. Do you have some sort of wager over how many responses you'll get by the time this rolls off the page?
Welcome to translation from a language and culture known for its humility, understatement and passivity.

Why don't you write a paragraph in Japanese, Goldy, to show us how easy it is.
If you need a new job I hear they have an opening over at AFLAC.
It seems to be me that even if the translation was 100% accurate, the post is still beyond crazy offensive. Please don't try and dig yourself out of this one.
@8 is correct.
There is no link to confirm this statement. I did a search on the BBC, the TEPCO site, and NHK (the Japanese public broadcaster) and I don't see these remarks. Can you please back up this statement?

Also as someone who speaks Japanese I would like to point out that nuisance can be a VERY strong word depending on context and which synonym they use. Don't be an asshat and read deeply into a translation.
Fuuuuck you. Nutsack.
I laughed, hard. You all need to take some Tylenol, drink Guiness next year (and not bud light from a green can), and relax.

Americans are so sensitive about A-Bombing people, I swear.
What should they say? It sounds like an apology, not a "fuck you". They weren't responsible for the earthquake or the tsunami. But I do think this is a cultural expression that maybe we don't get.
Too soon.
Wow. Someone's comparing apples to grenades. Goldy: the new Charles?
Calm the fuck down, Goldy.
Uh, Goldy... insensitive jokes are never acceptable on Slog.
This is the second post in a week mocking an English translation - WTF, Stranger? This is some Fox News bullshit.
In Goldy's defense, he forgot to mention that he was just passing along an Ann Coulter quote. Right?

Normally with ya, Goldy, but this is douchetastic.
Besides. The United States of America is officially NOT sorry for nuking Japan. You know that.
Goldy was just starting to work his way back into my good graces with some cogent political posts, and now this.

The most generous interpretation I can think of is that Goldy has decided to intentionally troll for comments à la Mudede, but even then, trolling on an issue that involves friends of readers being dead, missing, or endangered is grossly offensive. (And if he's sincere and not intentionally trolling, then his credibility as a critic of others' faux pas is largely forfeit.)

Either way, Goldy, please do yourself and us a favor and StFU about Japan.
I enjoyed Goldy's early posts about rural/urban funding. They were in his area of expertise. It took the situation in Japan to make me realize that he's a real cunt.

When he posts about politics, he can be an interesting cunt, and a cunt that I occasionally agree with. But he's still a cunt.

When he posts shit like this, about which he knows nothing beyond the typical laymen, he's like the liberal Sarah Palin.

Tomorrow, there may be a meltdown that releases horrible amount of radiation. Or, maybe the workers will continue to reduce radiation and cool the reactors, and eventually the situation will get better. The only certainty is that Goldy will wake up a cunt, and go to bed at the end of the day an even bigger cunt.
et al @everywhere,

I would like to make my deep apologies for concern and nuisance about this post.
You mentioned Tokyo in your post. That makes me really, really HATE you.
What a dbag.
@29 Goldy, please do me the great honor of accepting this Fuck You. I made it myself.
Yeah, not good enough Goldy. This apology of yours isn't funny either. You see the other important thing in a Japanese apology is the perceived sincerity. If it were badly worded or insincere the Japanese would have called him out over it.
You sir are what they'd call バカやろ. Just means stupid person but it's about the strongest insult they have. See how translations don't quite work sometimes.
On behalf of Gaddafi, I would like to apologize for what Goldy said about Japan.

... too soon?
I thought it was funny.

Based on the comment @7, maybe it's 'cause those of us in Canada had nothing to do with the nuclear bomb and so don't feel guilty about it.
Only an ignorant person would continue to link events that took place during WWII to what's happening in Japan today.
Jesus. So many sticks up so many asses.
every blogger on Slog screws up. some more than others, but everyone does it.
here, Goldy definitely screwed up. douchetastic was a good way to put it. nuclear bombs certainly don't go in the same sentence with powerplant fuckups, for any reason.
he's still pretty cool though. his screwup rate isn't too bad.
He says one thing and suddenly he is a total pariah.

Calm. The. Fuck. Down. Everyone.
The nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed hundreds of thousands. The Chernobyl disaster killed maybe four thousand (estimates on the number of cancers caused vary quite a bit.) Also, the bombings were deliberate and this is an accident. An accident that could have been prevented if the power company had been more careful, sure, but neglect is a lesser crime than malice. Even if this ends up being worse than Chernobyl it won't be in anywhere near the same ballpark as the bombings. It's funny, and I laughed, but it is also way over the top.
Fire Goldy.

Also agreed with everything said by eclexia @28.
We are not sorry for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They attacked us and they got what they deserved. Here's to hoping we nuke the next fuckers who are stupid enough to attack U.S.

This current tragedy is extremely unfortunate, undeserved, and I hope it works out as well as possible for the Japanese.
Wow, what a fucking dick.
@28, Takes one to know one, I'm sure.
@22 Lol. That really made me laugh. Tell that to just about 3/4ths of the commenters on here and Dan Savage.

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