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You're turning into a "fag" fag who also happens to be a fag, Dan.
Wow. I mean the argument that this is a contributing factor to homophobia is actually kind of true, but the idea that it is THE cause is idiotic. My parents, who are responsible reasonable people were quite up front with me when I came out that this was a thing for them. The day I came out I asked my father about what he thought and he said (Note I am my paternal grandfather's only granson) "Well it kind of bothers me that the Kinzer name won't continue tied to it's genetic line, but that's my hangup and I'll have to deal with it." An honest, non homophobic response about a hangup he had, and as it was the day I came out kind of amazingly constructive (I was only 19 at the time). I'm sure other parents have this kind of issue and don't deal with it as maturely. So it's there, but attributing it to Darwin, kind of idiotic.
Evolutionary psychology and popular media go together like bleach and ammonia.
The article this is linked to keeps mentioning someone called "Bobo". Should I know who this Bobo is? Who is Bobo?
@4 David Brooks
The article you link, and the article that that article is quoting, seem to be questioning whether there's a solid reason to believe that homophobia is evolved. That's an ok thing to discuss, but it doesn't matter at all. The idea that if some attitude is evolved, then it is an acceptable or eve correct attitude in this current society is nonsense.

Rape, theft, and murder are evolved behaviors practiced in nature, but nobody seriously argues that they are acceptable behaviors.
All that headline reproves is that Balloon Juice >> Vanity Fair.
Maybe they just misunderstood a British article about Charles Darwin being opposed to smoking cigarettes?
Has Dan had anything to say about the silly whining directed at Vanity Fair over Glee?

A passing remark was made in the conext of an irreverent write up by a gay regarding a gay (and not very good) television show and the gays started tearing at their holes for justice.

Man, this thread is so gay.
@10: Okay, I give up. Was that affectionate, ironic or supportive?

And how does one get italics in these boxes without a little button to click?
it's a play on words obv
oh wait u were bein sarcastic nevermind
@11 You can use HTML coding (just Google it). Or you can just go all caps and become real popular real fast.

@10 Yes, it is.

@4&5 Really?

@5 David Brooks always came across to me as a pretty reasonable centrist, especially in social issues. Am I wrong?
@15: Yes, you're wrong. It's one thing to be a reasonable person. It's another thing to be a centrist. The latter type of person is hellbent on being in the "center", whether that center makes any sense or not. Much of the "Village" media does this, and Brooks is one of the worst offenders.

@11: <i>italic text</i>
I'm unnatural, and loving every minute of it. Well, almost every minute.

Well, that was surprisingly useful.

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