The Seattle Police Department is conducting an internal review of its DUI squad after discovering "supervisory inconsistencies" (read: laziness and mismanagement) that could affect dozens of current and past DUI arrests, reports the Seattle Times.

via the Seattle Times:

The investigation is focused on accusations that arrest reports weren't properly screened and approved by a sergeant in the department's DUI squad, sources familiar with the matter told The Seattle Times. Seattle police confirmed the internal investigation Monday, saying it involves violations of a department policy requiring that all arrests be screened in person by a supervisor.

Among the allegations is that the sergeant routinely did not report to work and approved DUI arrests by telephone, one source said.

A hand stamp was then used by officers to affix the sergeant's name to reports, one source said.

The practice has been going for about a year, another source said.

The sergeant and three of his officers (out of four) have been administratively reassigned. These aren't junior officers who're reportedly fucking up—we're talking about a 23-year veteran, two 12-year veterans, and their sergeant, a 32-year veteran of the force, all of them making well over $100,000 annually to reportedly phone in their jobs.

Sigh. Drink responsibly.