Was fĂźr ein Arschfick haben wir denn?
The alpha and omega of Mudede posts.
Actually, I'm a 1970's-era centrist. It's just that the rest of the nation has picked up and moved several large paces to the right.
Amanda Knox ist ein Fraulein.

I long for the day of socialists. And when American students weren't convicted without sufficient DNA evidence that would pass the bar of evidentiary proof in America, and thus did not rot in Italian jails due to overzealous prosecutors who projected their own failings onto others.
...And Paul Constant owns the Means of Production! Onward Proles!
@3 is correct for the Center-Right is the New Left win.
Good god, man, for a post in which you say that clarity is a good thing, you clearly put yourself on the side of the very bad things. What the fuck are you talking about? What the fuck, Chuck?
Sir, your Lenin appears to be stretched.
More magnificent trolling from the man himself. Bravo!

For those wondering, when M. says he's a Marxist to distinguish himself from Goldy, the point he's making is that he is of an academic turn of mind, and thus not a fan of praxis, whereas Goldy has praxis written all over him. Mudede is a literary theorist who comments on real events as if they were literature, which is the essence of his comedy.
So this means that Mudede will be up late debating politics over a glass of Makers Mark, while Goldy will be out throwing Molotov cocktails?
What I learned today:

Praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted or practiced, embodied and/or realized.
I've always thought that Groucho Marx and John Lennon would have been great friends, and probably had fun taking motorcycle trips with Che Guevera on long holidays of discovery, but we'll never know.
Marxism is good, as really he was espousing economic democracy.

And anyone who bothered to read ALL his volumes would realize that.

and Henry George, too.
...and Lenin was a de facto monarch.
Frau Knox macht einen Rauchvorhang. Herr Mudede ist ein Rauchvorhang.
@13 A lot of people don't want to read. Instead they can just use "Marxism" to substitute some other concept and move on with denigrating their enemies.
That'd be a swell avatar.
@13: Marxism had good intentions, and in it's day it was a useful economic model.

These days, it's just another scheisskopf ideology, one that appeals to the hoards of envious men who think they deserve more money than they actually make, even though they are unwilling to compromise their "integrity" to earn it.
Uh... Charles. Lenin was a straight-up murderer.

I know that you do a lot of posts to get people's goat, but this man, this ain't classy on a number of levels. Marxism isn't about ordering 40,000 peasants shot for uprisings. And you and Goldie can have all the political arguments you like, just don't bring Lenin into it because I'm fairly certain that he doesn't represent EITHER of your arguments, because neither of you will ever be as big of a monster as Lenin.

And actually, I'd like to hear your thoughts re: Lenin and Marxism, and why you think he's relevent, or a role model.
@ 20: Despite the accompanying picture, Prof. Mudede never mentions Lenin in his post. Read it again. He says he is a Marxist, not a Marxist-Leninist. Your issue may be with the editor, or whomever chose the pic.
Why the need to take a shot at Amanda Knox while clarifying your socio-economic philosophy?

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