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Remember Mr. Poe's rather delightful commentary about American Apparel?

I can't remember what he said about their stores but I recall it really rather appropore
This man is the douchebag to end all douchebags. H&M please make a knockoff of those round-collared blouses AA is selling as soon as possible so I can wear one without putting money in the pocket of this rapey rapey jerkass.
He's a hairy horny dude! I have known about his sexual harassment lawsuits for longer than I've known about his brand!
Wow, I didn't know you could have photos of tits on a web page without a click-through.
Umm, you are the freakin' chief executive of American Apparel. You're telling me you can't either find girls to bang you willingly, or afford to pay a sex worker? Douche.

The ability to get laid by willing partners is irrelevant when dealing with sexual harassers or those who commit sexual assault. Charney gets off on the power he feels and the fear he inspires in his victims. Period.
I can't the board has kept him in place this long. He's going to sink the brand. His vision got the store on the map, but he's a liability nowโ€”and not from these lawsuits. And there's going to be more, and more serious, lawsuits in the near future.

Also, everything they make, sans a few t-shirt styles, is fucking awful.
I can't BELIEVE the board has kept him in place this long, I meant to type above.
@Dougsf- You are so right! They have some kick ass t-shirts but most of that stuff looks more like costume wear than clothing!
@7: They've actually begun to discontinue many of the well-cut and flattering (yet simpler) t-shirt and zip-up designs.

They didn't make you look quite enough like a '70s porn star to fit with Charney's "brand vision."


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