Hillary Clinton's favorite news source reports that the rebels in Libya are definitely resurging...

Libyan rebels are celebrating the recapture of the strategic eastern town of Ajdabiya from government control, our correspondent there reports.

"There is no doubt about it, you can probably hear some of the celebrations behind me, Ajdabiya is in opposition hands," Al Jazeera's James Bays said from the city on Saturday as celebratory gunfire rang out.

"Gaddafi forces have been controlling the ring road that goes around Ajdabiya ... that has been the situation for six days, but they have now been cleared from that position."

"The opposition forces tell me there may be some pro-Gaddafi forces hiding, snipers possibly on buildings, they are telling us to take care," he said, but he added that Ajdabiya was "firmly back under the control of opposition fighters".

Rebel forces had initially captured Ajdabiya during an advance along Libya's east coast that was halted and reversed in a counter-offensive by government forces backed by superior air power earlier this month.

Rebel fighters were now reportedly on their way to the key oil port town of Brega, where Gaddafi forces have retreated, witnesses said.

"The road is open beyond Ajdabiya, and [the rebels] are heading, streaming along that road ... they are on the road and they are moving forward," Bays reported.

This rapid reversal of fortunes owes everything to Western military intervention and an overall shift in American foreign relations:

"Our military has provided unique capabilities at the beginning, but this is now a broad, international effort... Key Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have committed aircraft. And as agreed this week, responsibility for this operation is being transferred from the United States to our NATO allies and partners," stated Obama. "This is how the international community should work - more nations, not just the United States, bearing the responsibility and cost of upholding peace and security."
Last month, we saw the conclusion of a beautiful revolution in Egypt. This month, we might be watching a beautiful war in Libya. Why beautiful? Because the path to this war was nothing but the democratic aspirations of the Libyan people. Because this path was one of two. Because Qaddafi alone chose this particular path and not the other one—the one taken by Mubarak. No individual is greater than the forces of history. (I'm feeling very Hegelian this morning.)

Finally realizing that the Ivory Coast actually exists in the world's system of states, and maybe feeling like he is on a roll or something, Obama turned some attention to the deadly stalemate in that sad part of black Africa:

President Barack Obama urged the disputed leader of Ivory Coast to step down to prevent more violence as the nation grapples with postelection clashes that have left hundreds dead.

"Last year's election was free and fair, and President Alassane Ouattara is the democratically elected leader of the nation," Obama said in a video message late Friday.

Yes, these are just words (Libya has all the action), but they do help.