It's intended to be an emotional hurdle for women seeking an abortion, but I bet a science-based description and smuddgy sonogram could be comforting. Planned Parenthood could make it policy just to shutup this whole legislative agenda.
jesus. fucking. christ.
I say we just take anyone seeking an abortion and burn her as a witch. This program should be funded by tax dollars, of course.
I read this thing and I don't understand "alternatives to abortion such as childbirth and adoption and information concerning public" is childbirth and adoption one thing? If not they would have women coming in for abortions and they'd say "No, you should have this kid that you don't want and just raise it and stuff."

Also, I hear Madeline Kahn when I read stuff like this I hea Madeline Kahn "flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face."
Let's be clear that early in pregnancy, when the vast majority of abortions occur, the ultrasound is not the late-term, jelly on the belly ultrasound that most of us have experienced or seen depicted. Early sonograms are performed trans-vaginally, which means the legislators here are insisting on shoving a wand in the woman's vagina, whether she wants a sonogram or not and regardless of whether there is any medical necissity for the procedure.
@2: Precisely.
and don't forget that some of the States require sonograms prior to abortions as a matter of LAW. They want the Feds to pay for all the machines needed for their government mandated medical exam.

This is self-serving in the most cynical way.
The best possible (albeit unlikely) unintended consequence: PP starts an abortion-only offshoot that provides all abortions for free.
Good thing our fearless, feminist Democratic reps in Olympia made sure that the Truth In Scaremongering Pregnancy Resource Centers bill passed!

..oh wait. Next year they said. They’ll really try hard next year, it’s a promise.
@3 They might as well it seems to be where we're headed.
@2 Indeed. :(
An ultrasound only needs to be performed immediately prior to an abortion procedure to ensure that the embryo is in the uterus.

If abortion was cheap, straightforward and accessible, and mothers-to-be and new parents got the financial and social support they need, then no pregnancy would be a 'CRISIS', and the people who run these fake medical centres could go back to picketing against homosexuals, brainwashing captive children at bible camp, collecting 'Precious Moments' figurines, or whatever else the WAC division of God's Army wants to get up to in the privacy of their own fanaticism.
Rep. Cliff Stearns then went on to argue that the tax dollars retained from disqualified abortion procedures should instead be allocated to the widespread distribution of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications.

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