Guys struggle with sexual lust, women would change the way they dress if they "had any idea what goes through men's minds," male college students are especially tormented (all those half-dressed girls arrayed around the quad!), and then there are those skankass whores who show up at church "showing even a little part of their stomach." Ladies, this video message is for you:

If "modesty is attractive," as one oppressed straight male claims in this batshit, sexist, slut-shaming video, doesn't modesty, like an exposed midriff, amount to a provocation? Modestly dressed, immodestly dressed—maybe women should err on the side of not leaving the house. (Incidentally, Christian wackos, the inability of straight men to control themselves when confronted by the sinful-thought-inducing sight of the female body is the reason some other batshit, sexphobic religious nuts give for this.)

Thanks to Slog tipper LCB.