@85- Well I often have problem talking to women i find very attractive, but it's not because I'm fighting temptation but I'm trying to find a way to satiate it and I'm not the smoothest character in the book.
This video is proof there is no need to make fun of religion: just way and they'll make you laugh by themselves. Oh my god (well, not mine actually), I laughed to tears trough most of it.
The Church should thank the Lord for gay guys, at least they don't have to struggle since men dress so properly. Yes?

Anyway, it's not working at all: I don't feel the shame or the urge to call my father to check my wardrobe. (yep, let's give daddys control over their daughter sexuality. Not weird, awkward or incestuous at all.) And it's even worse: I really want to have sex with the boy sitting against the wall, and I may have raped him in my mind. But that's it's fault for showing so much flesh.
Mmm, I would love to be devoured by a hundred and one hot Mormon guys.
It makes me laugh to think about asking my father about my outfits - he would say things like "Those shoes don't look sturdy enough for all the walking you have to do," "it's ridiculous that girls clothing doesn't come with pockets, where are you going to keep your handkerchief?" or "It might rain, do you have an umbrella?"

When I was in elementary school, he was known to buy me t-shirts from the boys section so my wardrobe would not be all pink and purple. He made a painstaking effort to play catch and teach me to dribble a basketball, even though we were both awful athletes with coke-bottle glasses. But he made it clear that being girly was okay too. When my first Homecoming Dance was coming up, he bought me these ridiculous dye-able high heels, with a matchable frilly purse, because they made me feel pretty (never mind that I could barely walk in them).

Looking back, I think he was very conscious of the impact of his words as I became a teenager. When I was looking in the mirror, he would tell me, "my girl is beautiful, inside and out." When I felt fat, he told me "No, you're growing up and women are supposed to have some soft parts. You're turning into a nice sturdy woman like your mother."

He passed away 15 years ago when I was 17, but I know that this video would have made him angry. He also would have been very creeped out by the concept of purity balls and virginity promise rings. I think he would approve of my feminist boyfriend, who makes me breakfast every morning and gives me practical things like toolboxes and warm scarves for Christmas.
@104 - Now that you mention the aspects, fathers screening their daughters' wardrobes does sound rather Biblical...
In honor of this video, I will wear tight shirts and skirts to work for the next week. I am 28 and not a model. I will look hot. I will still look professional, but I choose to embrace the fact that I am sexy :-) My father would be amused (and if I asked nicely, might send me a pair of shoes from Amazon....)
Seems to me this young man would be much more comfortable in a country where women must live behind walls and not be seen outside unless they are covered head to toe in a loose black garment that even covers their faces. Perhaps he'd be happier in a country where women and girls were not allowed in schools with boys and men. Hmmm, what's a good Christian to do?
The dad thing is super creepy. It's inviting the father to view his own daughter as a sexual object, and decide whether her clothing is effective enough at tamping down on his lust for her. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.
In 110 comments none of the blind, led by the blind Mr. Savage, mentioned the obvious. Savage himself has frequently said that men are incapable of controlling their libidos in any way. It's what he uses as rationalization for his deviant lifestyle, sleeping around on his boyfriend and setting an awful example for the epically unfortunate young man being raised by those two perverts. It's how he excuses extremely unsafe sexual practices in the gay community. ('Well, with two GUYS what do you expect? All guys are basically just animals?') It's the foundation of his sexual 'ethics.' Well, as close to ethics as something like him can get, since ethics require deliberation and thought and sacrifice and consistency.

So how bout it sloggers? Go after your cheap little tin messiah or admit you're hypocrites. Which will it be?
Two days ago, when this was first posted, their were many comments,all of course agreenig with the video. Now comments have been completely disabled, as well as rating. I think the flying monkeys may have struck again...
Well I had to turn away from the video and meditate for a while to fight the sinful urge to look up that woman hating pastor and cut his dick off then shove it down his throat.
Well 111 - Dan is in a consenting adult relationship and has sex with other consenting adults and does not blame other hot adults for his lack of control. He blames his own nature and his partner has agreed to accept the terms of the relationship. The pastor dick is whining on behalf of a bunch of babies because people who are strangers to these babies don't cover up enough and the babies have to fight lustful thoughts. There is a big difference. Now stop being such a dumbass because you are giving me unwanted urges.

howabout option "C": "zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... h-huh? he finally took the bait after 2 days of comments?! what a douche. (something about "conservatives" once again evading their cherished personal responsibility)"

and my only tin messiah is Lemmy, dude
Just after I read all this I went shopping. In the back far corner of the store is the Kosher section. I wondered how awful it must be for some poor guy whose wife sent him to buy a box of matzohs and a quarter pound of nova to have to walk past the seafood counter with piles and piles af shrimp and trays of scallops, and then pst a whole display case of pork products while trying to concentrate on dry tasteless crackers and salty raw fish.

Should he demand that the store move the Kosher section to just inside the front door, or should he demand that there be curtains put up along the path from the fron tdoor to the back of the store? Or should he demand that the store be condemned and razed?
Christianity causes teenage boys to become mentally insane. There is no such thing as "hell." There is no such thing as "satan." There is no such as "lust." There is no such thing as "adultary." There is nothing wrong with looking at women. It is natural. It is innocent. You are not hurting anyone doing it, and your not going to be tortured forever and ever and ever.

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