In this instance the religious nuts don't discriminate: just as straight men will jump on any woman who shows a bit of stomach, gay men will ignore the firefight going on around them to attack their fellow soldiers.
Mmmmmm crazy lust-repressed religious whackos make my dick hard. Oh why must he tempt me!
at 1:40 "...or looking at the sidewalk just to make it through [that crowd of sexy, sexy ladies] unscathed."

scathe, v: harm; injure

That's how dangerous it is to show your cleavage, ladies.
To listen to that, to the Sexual Impulses men feel, why, it's almost as though we're hard-wired to want to have sex, and to find other people attractive...weird! It's too bad there isn't some garment women could wear that would serve to help control this urge for fucking, something loose and formless...maybe a more enlightened country has already thought of it? I'll go check Google and see...
@3 You mock, MacCrocodile, but I scathe men with my very sharp cleavage every day.
Straight guys with awkward boners are HOT. Keep up the good work, ladies!
@5 - Then guys should keep their heads up, to watch out for your finely honed boobs. Even those that just cause blunt force injury could be better avoided if these guys would just keep their eyes open for oncoming boobs.
@4 Canuck
It's the fellas that need a garment not the ladies. I recommend this:
I have an idea. Let's castrate every straight-oriented male above the age of 14, so that he can function in society as a normal, decent human being without being tormented by the results of a chemical reaction (aka testosterone) foisted on him by his own traitorous body. Breeders of the world would still have gay men to act as sperm donors, or we could collect and freeze as with livestock.

Just think of how many people we could save from dying of testicular cancer, too.
Here's a thought: maybe guys should wear burqas enhanced with hoops and a damp-proof Tyvek panel in the front, so they can instantly and unobtrusively spank it in public the very instant they are uncontrollably aroused by the sight of a woman (or, hell, a hot dude). The hoops would hide their arm movements, and the head covering would hide their disgusting O-faces.
"I'm grateful God has made me to be attracted to women." Does that mean he believes God could make a man be attracted to a man, also?? Sure seems like that's what he thinks!

So, Christians admit it: Born This Way.
You just know any video clip that starts out with a lingering shot over bibles or common prayer books in a pew is going to end badly...
Church during the teenage years got pretty boring pretty often (3-hour pentecostal sermons will do that), so checking out the hot church girls became a favorite pastime/coping mechanism. Not showing skin? No problem! Dolled up in their best figure-flaunting Sunday dresses (surprising amount of cleavage, by the way) with immaculate hair and makeup was super sexy in its own way. So yeah, in that sense modesty was very attractive indeed.
@7 Forewarned is forearmed, or something:…

jenesasquatch, that wooden model is rather lovely, and I hope you appreciate my "resisting the urge" to make a really bad pun...(see, we women have urges, too... :)
But may I just add: Ouch!
If these letters are real, I don't want to call that person a whacko. I have nothing but deep empathy for the mentally ill and this is an expression of mental illness.
@14 Canuck

It reminds me of that John Water's film "Dirty Shame". This is proof that religion is the problem. It tortures it's followers. There are thousands of men who don't believe this religious nonsense and who live perfectly happy lives. This is a sick way of seeing life. Sick, sick, sick!
Is it just me, or does it sound like the good pastor is working himself up a little thinking about all those sinful girls? I think if this video had kept rolling, we would have heard him have a scathing orgasm.
Yeah, because menfolks are so base and uncontrollable, if they see the slightest bit of girlflesh they won't be able to help the urge to ATTACK SEX OMG NOMNOM, but it was her fault for tempting him, anyway.

Offensive to either sex.
Maybe I'm odd (or maybe it's just everybody has their own kinks) but even though I was raised by a free-love hippy and went to church maybe twice the entire time I was growing up, I don't find women who dress sexily all that hot myself. I feel uncomfortable at burlesque shows, not because of the female flesh on display, but that I feel like I'm not "getting" it - I don't find it even remotely attractive. Baby Doll in "Sucker Punch"? Not even a twitch.

That doesn't mean I find a burka hot either, I just find modestly dressed women much more physically attractive than someone who gets all dolled up to the point where they probably spent more time getting ready to go out than they spent going out. It's their right, and I'm not going to tell them not to do it, nor will I do the typical "OMG SHE WAS ASKING FOR IT", just not my thing.
Who is the narrator and is there a pool on when he will be caught in a scandal?
Photos, or they aren't real, jenesasquatch... ;)
Maybe they should blind themselves as the Bible says.

Matthew 18

8 If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. 9 And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.

a POINTLESS orgasm, femmefatale.
As far as I can tell, there's one commonality among men who obsess about female sexualization, even to the point of sexualizing modestly dressed women who are not doing anything even remotely provocative. Every last one of them is undersexed.

And considering that just about all of them are undersexed because they fear and loathe women, I can't say I'm sympathetic.
@21 - right on. seriously.

i spent my entire childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood in a church like this. there are so, so, so many things that are fucked up about it, but right now i'll just say that one of the nice things about being an apostate is losing their ridiculous vocabulary. "exhortation" is a good example. when i was 15, i learned that my "spritual gift" was exhortation. read: nosy bitch can't stop telling people what to do. GAWD the church sucks.
As an American (read: liberal) Baptist seminarian, I just want to praise these godly young men for their inspirational video.

Tonight, I shall be entertaining a lovely young lady, and role-playing as her Southern Baptist father who has to spank her for neglecting to have me screen her wardrobe and thus embarrassing me with a knee-length skirt at church.

So thanks once again, my brothers in Christ for your spirit-filled, fetish-generating video. Soli Deo gloria!
Wow, I REALLY hope this one comment on the video was sarcastic: "That is because men are incapable of controlling themselves. Without the power of Christ, we men are utterly hopeless against our lustful nature."

Have a feeling it wasn't...
Today I will put on my most boobtacular shirt and do my best to scathe the righteous. I'm just helping them in their walk with Jesus. For what is faith without a test of it? Easy. And we all know that we have to suffer mightily to be any kind of good Christian. Duh. So I will do my part. With mah boobies. You're welcome my brothers (and sisters!).
You should be grateful for the test, straight young wackos, because God loves you a little more every time you see an attractive female and resist the manic urge to rape her ass.

As for me, from now on I will be wearing nothing but a spandex body-stocking, so that I don't fall victim to your double-edged praise of "modesty".

I'll be kicking it with my fellow whore-ladies who respect their bodies. I'm sorry for the outburst, but whoa, that vid pissed me off.
@30 -- Preach it, sista! And thank you for your sacrifice. ;)

Peace be with you.
@4: "It's too bad there isn't some garment women could wear that would serve to help control this urge for fucking"

It's a lost cause - back in Victorian times boys would hang out on street corners to catch a peak at women's ankles and shins as they lifted their full length skirts to step up on the curb.
@22 Canuck

I tried to get right on that for you but now I feel sleepy. Nap time and then I need to go buy a new keyboard.
God made boobs the way they are for the express purpose of making men feel lust, so that humanity could survive plague and violence by breeding like rabbits. What's so difficult to understand about that?

That video was a bunch of lol, seriously. That dude needs to get laid. He keeps talking about "if only women could understand what they're doing to us men, and what lust we're capable of" and I have to laugh, because he's assuming that women have no libido. Maybe that's just your wife, buddy, because when I see an attractive man in a tight shirt, oh, man, my mind goes places your Bible would definitely disapprove of.
The best way to handle this crisis of male distraction is for women to where less clothes so the guys can get used to it.

By about day 2 of burning man after seeing more actual boobs then in all my life put together, my reaction progressed from speechless pavlovian drooling to casual appreciation ("Love your hat! Your boobs look great, too.")
@30 -- see my previous comment at #6.
@36 seandr

I know what you mean. After watching the complete "L Word" series I thought if I ever see 2 lesbians go at it again I'm going to put a gun in my mouth.
These wackos live every day of their lives feeling worthless before god because of their sinful lust. At least they burn for women. I was one of them for 13 years burning in lust for my 'brothers'. So they should praise Jeebus that they're burning the way god intended, rather than the perverse way us homo 'brothers' did.
But that wacky creator made us all lustful tools, just so he could torment us every day of our lives until we finally die and go sing a lustless eternity before him. Yay!
I totally sympathize with this guy, seriously. Not with his beliefs or his conclusions, just with him. He wants to be spared temptation; don't we all? At least sometimes? I know that as a socially awkward teen and young man, I sometimes wished there weren't so many pretty girls around, turning me on and making me feel like the lonely loser I was.

But what he doesn't realize is that he and his church have NO right to place pressure, however covert, on girls and women to conform to some idea of 'godly' modesty. THAT is where he and his ilk cross the line, and that is why we must fight these motherf*ckers with everything we've got.
Oh man does this remind me of long ago college summers when all the women would shed their winter clothes in trade for skimpy skirts and tops.

Thank goodness loose-fitting cargo shorts were in style.
42 could not be scared of the human body and human sex drive. God bless you sexy ladies, and keep it up.
So men are pigs (even Christian men) who cannot really (at least in their minds) control themselves. Is he saying men look at women and mentally rape them all? Yes, breasts are the great distracter (so useful, you know?!) but c'mon guys, you're that weak?

Why does he whisper at the end? Is he trying to be sexy?

Why the rap music? Hilarious.

So confused.
Hahahaha I'm a lady and that video had me in hysterics. I especially like how the narrator sounds like he's about to start crying over all us horrible sexy, sexy ladies and our boobs.

I'd actually be interested in knowing what these delightful slut-shaming Christians consider to be "modest" clothing, because the video doesn't really address that. Is it being able to see a woman's knees? Thighs? Cleavage? Being able to tell she has the breasts, hips and buttocks of a sexually mature woman? Too much eye-catching glitter?

This makes no fucking sense to me at all, especially that as an unfortunate side effect of being female I have been sexually harassed by men way too often, including while wearing some pretty non-sexy things--a sweater and jeans, bulky winter peacoat, even a middle school gym uniform. I guess my glorious A-cups are just too much for my brothers in Christ to be around without breaking down and yelling obscene things at me. I guess I'm just a Slutty McSlutface and I shouldn't leave my dorm until I build myself a protective, wearable cocoon of Bibles!
@33 - Even Hercule Poirot reminisces about that in Evil Under the Sun, in which he claims that the sunbathing tendency is deplorable and longs for the return of the day when the glimpse of a petticoat was so alluring. The bodies of the bathers recall to him a morgue, or a butcher's shop.
@20- I was also raised hippie, and have a similar feeling. All that repression really makes people have a weird relationship with their (and other peoples) bodies.
I like Mr Savage's point about modesty being attractive becoming a temptation. It reminds me of Rumer Godden's dilemma about how one could only find what one sought from becoming a nun if one entered with the motivation of giving oneself completely and not to get or find anything.
jenesasquatch@34 why, whatever do you mean? Mr. Canuck only gets sleepy like that after...oh....never mind.
(PS: plastic keyboard covers are proof that god loves you and wants you to be happy, BTW...!)

seandr, I feel sorry for you guys, always at the mercy of a slim ankle. Thank goodness I don't go to the mall just to look at the Abercrombie shopping bags, that would be so wrong.
I am a Muslim woman and I wear hijab. This video is disgusting and offensive. For my religion (although most don't understand this) women ARE NOT responsible to hold up the social, and moral integrity. Every individual person is responsible for this on their own. I don't believe that a woman is somehow a "slut" because she wants to wear a skirt. Damn it a lot of those skirts are gorgeous and I say wear it girl. These men are offending the complexity and the beauty, the intelligence and the strength in women. They are implying that I am somehow the "cause" of these men's "troubles". That's bs and THAT is oppressive. No matter how any of you may feel about Islam, understand that I have never been treated nor talked to in that way. Either before I wore hijab or after. Never. This is the most outrageous video ever and a problem I encountered when I was Christian. However I understand that this happens in the Islamic community (as the enforced Afghan burqa attests to) however I fight against that every bit as stridently as I do this video.
I am no better a person whether I wear the hijab or not. If I took it off today that would not determine my status as a Muslim. However that decision, MY CHOICE, is not determined by what some "crazed, lust driven" men would like.
The real problem with this video? It's horrible marketing. Some needs to tell these idiots that sex sells.

If the churches were full of women in cute raver outfits and bootie shorts and thigh-high stocking and tall boots and low neck blouses, I would seriously rethink my position on the existence of god. At the very least, I'd be spending a good deal of my Sundays "at worship".

Props to you, babe. Just like a woman who chooses to wear sweaters and long skirts aren't repressed prudes.

Work that hijab. *cues catwalk music*
@44 - ideally, you ladies should be able to fine-tune the amount and type of (straight) male attention you want by how you dress. Don't feel like distracting men or being looked at today? There are outfits for that! Feel like being a hot chick and having men break a sweat when you walk by? There are outfits for that too!

Guys who harass women ruin it for everybody. I hate those guys.
Good lord all this talk of ankles is just too much! Have you people no decency?
@48; I feel sorry for you guys, always at the mercy of a slim ankle.

It's a blessing and curse.
P.S. And Seandr has a point about more nudity creating a feeling of normality about skin in general. But 'exposure' is relative - think about the difference between a regular bikini and a thong; it's just a few square inches of fabric, but judging by guys' comparative reactions (in this country), you'd think a regular bikini was a moon suit. It's always about pushing the boundaries.
@20 - From the other side, I quite agree with you. I shouldn't at all object to a campaign promoting male modesty. I know I'm almost certainly entirely alone on this one, but, neither gym bodies nor tattoos being to my taste, I'd rather see probably 95% of the male population with a shirt than without one. Still, I'd never attempt to impose my standards on anyone else and in theory I like to see freedom of expression enacted; I just have an occasional wistful thought that Y would be cute in a shirt, for instance. If anything, I feel rather apprehensive about posting this, fearing that now the many Tattooed here will shun me on account of what they have every right to interpret as bad taste.
So when I bum around campus in my sweats, I'm not being a slob, I'm just helping all the Christian boys out! Good to know.

Now what about those guys who lie around the lawn in shorts and no shirt on hot days? Do they get in trouble too? Because you can be damn sure that they're tempting me. Not that I mind.
But Dan...sexism is dead!
Check out York University's SlutWalk!…
@53 - You border on one of my internal questions. There seems to be a general consensus about rightful anger on a woman's part when she gets an intrusive reaction she isn't seeking. But what is appropriate when she doesn't get a reaction she is seeking?

*reads the comments on that link*

Nice to see the victim-blaming slut-shamers are out in full force.
@57: I'd rather see probably 95% of the male population with a shirt than without one

Not sure I agree with that, but I think we can all agree that shirtcocking should be banned.
Bet you 20 bucks the narrator of that little film was whacking off while he was recording it.
@61 - what's appropriate? I dunno. For her to up her game, I guess. You want more guys looking? Unbutton that shirt one more button! Hike that skirt up another inch! It ain't rocket science. Guys are simple.

Btw, I am one of those guys that applaud effort. I hate those body-Nazis that think a woman has to be a Victoria's Secret model to have the right to dress sexy. The heck with that! I say work it, girls - everybody who wants to.
Message received. I promise to wear knee high socks for my date with that rather attractive surgeon tomorrow. My ankles will be hidden from view, so as not to tempt anyone. But, please don't blame me for that immodest backless cotton gown they are dressing me in. I would have picked out something more demure and in silk or leather. ;-)

Be good everyone, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

@ 8 Interesting! Enjoy.
With that handwriting and those manicured fingers the narrator can't possibly be attracted to females.
Not to point out the obvious here, but I simply don't understand how one can conceive of a God who has created sex as a pleasurable act that allows for your own existence and for the creation of further life but also says that if you even so much as think about it you will suffer unbearable torment for all eternity.

Why sign up for such a sadistic clusterfuck notion of divinity?

To equate sexual temptation with certain death and damnation and then show a mother lovingly tossing her child in the air? Seriously, people, it's called critical thinking. If you fuck her in your mind you burn, but if you fuck her pregnant it's divine? Whatever.

I simply don't get it.

And I grew up surrounded by this self-hating, obsessive, paranoid, stupid bullshit.

And I still don't get it.
@2 ftw! Please, please stop wearing those high-necked shirts and covering up- it is far too tempting for me, because nothing gets me going like the challenge of undressing you with my eyes. If you would only dress differently, then I would be freed from the sin of lust.

Um, it's called maturity. It's what happens when you learn to deal with sex and "urges". Sorry, guys, you don't get to blame anything on women. If you are thinking about sex so much that you can't walk across campus without praying to Jesus about your urges, then maybe you are a sex addict and should seek help.

Btw- I know for a fact that no matter what I wear, guys are going to look. I have big boobs, a decent ass and a great set of legs. I'm not a bikini model, but I'm pretty damn cute. Males have been looking since I got my tits and they'll still be looking until I'm too old to be thought of in that way. Men like to look at pretty ladies. That's life. Get over it.
It's a beautiful day here and Madison; All the running dudes are shirtless and all the girls are busting out the skirts. Thank you, batshit repressed young man, for reminding me to go out an enjoy my classmates.
Apologies: "here *in* Madison"
@62 Wow...Thanks, I guess! The article's tone reads positive to me, but the comments, geez. What a bunch of creeps.
Oh Kim, I hope everything goes okay. Virtual hug to you.
@66 kim

Be well. I will think of you (and your socks, obviously --it's what we do).
Kim @66, I'm not sure the anti-embolism stockings are the best possible look, but they have their job to do for now...

May the scalpel be discerning and much smarter than the hand that guides it... which should make it pretty doggone wise. You will be in my thoughts as well. I hope a shot of whisky is soon in your hand to celebrate progress.
Kim@66 - Ooh, backless gowns! :) I'm sure everything will go well, sweetie. Tell us all the good news when you feel like posting again.

Virtual hugs and kisses, Canuck and jenesasquatch.

I've only left to decide if I'm putting my hair into a single French braid or two like Ms. Dorthy in the "Wizard of Oz", as long hair has its downsides... 'Talk' to you all when I"m not on narcotics.
Ta for that rob and Lance Thrustwell. I've got miles to go before I 'sleep'. Big xo to all.
Take good care, Kim. I'll keep you in my thoughts.
Take good care, Kim. You'll be in my thoughts.
As one long-haired chick to another, go for the two Dorothy braids (and I'm not the least influenced by my avatar...), it's more comfy on the your honour, at least until you're back here on slog, I promise I will not swear at you-know-who...
My question to the young men in that video: Does your mother screen your wardrobe? If not, why not?
This takes me back to prom night 1998...
"Dad, can I wear these crotchless panties while slow dancing to Eve 6?"
I think this calls for:… (9:20 if you don't want to watch the whole thing)
Also, I have never had a problem not raping or assaulting women, even 'provocatively' dressed women, even naked women, even naked women I'm in bed with who don't want to be fucking at a particular point. In fact, in no way do I find it a struggle to avoid sex or even lustful thoughts, perhaps because I don't obsess about sex and lustful thoughts, or maybe just because I don't sexually objectify women as my first reaction to seeing them.

"When she dresses immodestly... there is a constant battle going on as I'm talking with her; communication becomes more difficult, because, as I'm trying to listen to her, I'm also trying to fight temptation."

Jesus fucking christ, really? I've never had a problem carrying on a conversation with even people I find extremely attractive; have other people? This is spooky as shit.
Thanks everyone for pointing out that this is, indeed, HILARIOUS. I was just about to punch through my laptop screen, it pissed me off so much. Instead, I will be amused. And take pleasure in the fact that spring in coming and soon I'll be able to rip off all my winter layers and spread temptation. There's a sociology dissertation in here somewhere: The Body of Christ: Christianity's demonization of the human body and fetishism in America.
@50: Word.
WhenI was younger I used to go to the library to look at Esquire magazine. All those men with 5 o'clock shadows in tailored suits! Oh my! I found them much more attractive than the shirtless guy of the month you'd find in Comso or Seventeen magazine or whatever. People can be sexy no matter how modestly they are dressed.

The whole idea that Christian men struggle with lust because women are so DAMN SEXY has always bothered me, even back when I bought into the whole religion thing lock stock and barrel. I was raised Southern Baptist, but I made it out remarkably unscathed.

But... But... But...

Then how will the church control womens' sexualities than by beating them over the head with their innate fear of being raped?
I was just wondering what it would take to get folks like this to confront the fear betrayed here.

Maybe someone should make a satirical reply about how music is too much of a sexual temptation, that every human should struggle to not listen to music, to avoid it all costs.

Or all forms of touch. No hugging, no hand shaking, nothing. Too much of a temptation, too dangerous.

Could you make a parady along these lines to illustrate that only the mentally ill fear--to the point of obsessive avoidance yet preoccupation--life's beauty and joys, and that one's sense of visual beauty is as vital to being fully alive as is hearing music, touching another's skin, etc?
@68 hardly anybody signs up for it. Most people are signed up for it by their crazy-ass parents.

le sigh
Okay, most of this video is disturbing/hilarious, but check out 1:18. The letter-writer thanks God for making him heterosexual. This small moment shows that even a crazy conservative Christian thinks that sexual orientation is something that people are BORN WITH. Isn't that progress?
@63 Well... shirtcocking's not so bad.

The problem with it would be how distracting it would be...
Kim, I vote for the braids, and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. We all love you. You are the Patron Saint of Slog.
Whores. Madonnas. Uma. Oprah.
@90 - There's always the Christian Side Hug to avoid all that dirty full frontal hugging.…
I only thought of this now, after having checked to see how many new comments there were.

Well, you see, women have to do their part with the modest clothing. Because, men (or boys, the poor, frustrated, innocent dears) cannot control their urges when faced with all of this exposed flesh. Now, if the church were to acknowledge that there's nothing wrong about urges (none of this nasty temptation innuendo) and recognized that there are ways to temper and relieve these urges with a little application of a right (or left) hand, this would not be perceived as such a moral crisis.

Alas, touching oneself for the purpose of sexual pleasure is an enormously selfish NO-NO so, working backwards, ALL women must dress modestly. Uh, someone should inform the church that most boys and men will get urges no matter if there's a female form flashing skin in front of them or not. As the saying goes, "I'm 16. I'll get turned on by linoleum."

I hope that video self-combusts from hypocrisy.
Kim (@66)

So, I'll admit I'm a little slow today. When you talked about knee-high socks, I thought you were just being clever with the whole non-ankle-flashing thing; but, then, the immodest backless gown caught me by surprise. I thought you really were talking about a lovely summer frock (well, they do come in cotton, too). And that the date with the surgeon was a date-date.

Oops! I now think I have the full picture, including your two braids under that unflattering fabric mesh cap, right?

I'll join the chorus (in tune, I hope) of Sloggers who will await your return soon!
"Listen carefully, ladies." Why did I hear Demetri Martin when i read that?
That was soooo fucking creepy (you could almost hear a gentle, rhythmic fwapping sound toward the end there as the narrator's voice got softer and yet more strained). If the guys are really struggling so damn much, how about they wear blindfolds (so much less material needed for those than long skirts or burqas) and maybe harness-up all those surplus children that the Quiverfull-types are breeding and put them to work as little guides for all the blindfolded teenage boys and young men.

What always amazes me is that these men refuse to believe that it's possible to control one's own lusts - they could easily ask us women how we are able to still get things done when we encounter attractive men in our daily lives, but first they would have to acknowledge that women experience lust and that our opinions and experiences are of any consequence whatsoever.

But no matter...modest, immodest, exposed or covered, women are an object of men's lust, and this is a stupid little game that we can never possibly hope to let's stop playing - no more defining how we dress as modest/immodest, no more slut-shaming other women, no more letting men blame us for their behaviour, no more putting up with them trying to control us instead of controlling themselves.

You probably won't read this, Kim, but you're in my thoughts.
that was BRILLIANT, ignatz.

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