Well done. I suspect now that you're about to be a basic cable fixture there's about to be really - really really this time - no such thing as negative publicity.
Dan, again, you are making way too much sense, Maggie will never accept anything you say unless God herself whispers in her ear.

Hi Gus! (just following canuck's lead)
Nobody takes her seriously - otherwise she'd have a show and you wouldn't.
I resent her presumption that she knows what all women "are like".
wisepunk, hola!

(I would follow Canuck's lead more often myself, but she actually goes out and works with kids in the schools where they're being bullied. Such a bother. I'd rather sit here in a hotel staring out the window and thinking about room service....;-)
@3 - She makes a lot of money doing what she does because enough people are scared of the godless and gays, and they take her seriously.
@2 you think if God himself appeared in the sky over Jeruselem at noon on Christmas Day and said "be kind and accepting of all men and women, regardless of race, religion or sexuality" so that every last person on Earth heard it at once in every language and KNEW it was God, that some of these people would change? Please.
I got stuck right off the bat...
Gallagher, who once had a child out of wedlock
UGH! Someone fucked that thing and it spawned brood? That's the real abomination.
I hope you've sent this to her. Not that she'll care ... she gets mileage out of her irrationality.
Gus, I have 5 glooooooooorius days of vacation starting service is on my mind too!
Wait - you mean there's going to be disgusting, perverted shit on MTV now? What's the world coming to?
I would love to see you and Maggie debate this issue. Any chance of that?
@6 - That's why approximately 15 people showed up to each of the stops on their anti-marriage tour a few months ago. I'd call that pretty close to nobody. I think she just happens to have a few crazy followers with a good deal of money. Enough to keep her spouting her crazy all over the place.
I'm curious. When you write columns like this for SLOG, do you forward it or send a link to the instigator? Or are you just preaching to the choir? (Not that this choir member minds, of course)
wisepunk, have a glorious vacation!

@12, I fear that would only dignify her.
Maggie so wishes she could quit you, Dan.
@7 I think some of them might change. I'm not going to hold my breath tho...
Why is it that the women who preach the "fidelity above all else" line look like they'd rather suck on a lemon than have sex? And I'm just guessing, but I'd think their own husbands would probably love to follow Dan's example, open-relationship-wise, anyway.

And hola to youse two, gus and wisepunk! (gus, if you ever met me, you'd realize that my hanging out with gay kids is probably doing them more harm than good, owing to my predilection for 70s disco and pointing out bacon flowchart websites...)
Imagine being trapped in a monogamous relationship with that frumpy bitch. Unthinkable.
Remember when MTV showed music videos? Thank goodness that's over with.
If they want to boycott MTV, let them, the only people who care about that channel are pre-teens and MTV employees.

Then again, to have a group protest you, is more or less a badge of honor, but one often worn proud by stand up comedians.
I miss the days when Savage sacrificed thoughtfulness for brevity. I guess we just have to accept these sorts of posts now that he's all famous and shit.
That "openly gay" is starting to look a little dated, don't you think? It always sounds a little bit like "and he's not even ASHAMED, the filthy pervert" is being appended to it.
Canuck, that's just what these kids today need, and i'm glad you're there with the disco knowledge. Here's a treat for you along those lines, from David Schmader's beloved fourfour: among other tidbits here, we must remember to go back to calling worked-out pecs by their proper name of "disco tits".…

I find myself in literally the trashiest part of Hollywood today, so will do my best to spot someone we'd recognize from dlisted: maybe the Lucite Princess Shauna Sand, or if I'm truly lucky, the glorious chicken cutlets of Phoebe Price! I'll keep you posted.
Well said!
I love that you made reference to anal sex around five times. I can only imagine her reading this and losing her shit. Kudos for taking the time to make such an effort to respond. Not that it's going to undo her craziness!
Naw, those sexual ethics are TOTALLY gay, using "gay" here in a disparaging sense to mean "not manly" (manly sexual ethics being along the lines of "you exist to please me, woman"). Real Men™ don't make accommodations, and Real Women™ don't ask for them.
Beautifully said, Dan.

But I'm very conflicted about this upcoming show being on MTV. I hate MTV, for all the stupid reality programming but especially for the whole glorification-of-trashy-teen-mom idea. I've sworn to never watch that channel again, and Dan Savage is one of the very few people who could make me change my mind.
Congratulations. You are becoming A Voice of Consequence in this debate, and Gallagher can't stand it. If anything, she is trying to piggyback her message on your name recognition. The downside is that you are now marked as a target for her perpetual distortions. Or maybe that isn't a downside. Just keep hitting them out of the park like you did today, and she can't help but look like a complete idiot (or cynical liar) by comparison.
Maybe this will give Maggie the encouragement she needs to be honest with her husband about her desire to blow Bill Donahue of the Catholic League.
@23 - my thoughts exactly.
@29: The whole show is built around me getting a time machine and going back in time and talking to the teen moms about using birth control and getting abortions. You're going to love it!
Yes! This is exactly the kind of rant I love about you!
@23 Maggie says "openly" gay to distinguish Dan from her colleagues in the fundamentalist anti-sex business.
PS - Very well stated, Dan.
Classic. I would like to see her try to rebut Dan's apples.

"Reality-TV Killed The Video Star"...
All valid points, of course, but since Gallagher doesn't read your column, she wouldn't actually know any of this.

However, it is FAR EASIER for her to beat up some straw man she made up in her imagination and then go read your most recent article for a quote and/or factual basis to avoid libel charges. If she can find something to roast you about in said article, all the better.

Your entire argument could be shortened to "I know more about women than the Pope knows, yet you still let him give advice".
@19: I would have DTMFA about 5 minutes into my first date with her, personally.

So, it's going to be sort of like "Doctor Who", but with teh secks?
Isn't it obvious that Maggie Gallagher has a crush on Dan Savage? And her dreams are crushed by the Gay Agenda.
Fellow Savages, I realize Maggie's an easy target for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which she's just really small and mean, but might I suggest we do as Dan did, avoid the easy insults, coolly take the high road and call her on her righteous bullshittean indignation. Class act, Dan. You hit this one out of the park.
I wish I could staple this entire post onto the foreheads of a number of pointy heads out there ... !

@4, I know, right!?!!

If anything deserves a "that's SO gay" response, it's Maggie's bullshit... (if nothing else, I'd like to see her pointy head explode at that).

I do thank you for not posting her pic. JMG has a tendency to traumatize me in that regard...
Gosh Dan, why are you being so modest?
Tell Maggie you've had sex with females before-
that will shut her up.....
The "does not know what women are like" comment actually reflects one of my biggest frustrations with Savage Love, in that Dan lays out the rational, fair answer describing what the person should do and how that should be received, and straight men everywhere palm their foreheads because they know how things will *actually* be received. I would say, though, that in that disconnect the problem does not lie in the advice itself.
"Only those who are obsessed with sex to an unhealthy degree place a higher value preserving monogamy within a particular marriage over saving that particularly marriage itself."

Whoa, Dan - might want to proofread that sentence.. The rest of the post itself, of course, is classic Dan, well-phrased, and a much-needed beatdown to that witch Maggie Gallagher. Bravo as usual.
Oh gus, I'm jealous, keep your eyes peeled for our favourites! And thanks for the book tip...brings back memories of wishing I was old enough to go to Studio 54 back in 1978...and I remember watching MTV when it first came on, oy, we're getting old.
Should the tiny minority of adults who make responsible diet and exercise choices just STFU about healthy lifestyle choices and let the diabetic sedate obese heart diseased majority gorge in peace?
"The whole show is built around me getting a time machine and going back in time and talking to the teen moms about using birth control and getting abortions. You're going to love it!"

Would the title of the show be Time Tunnel or maybe Star Gate: Gomorrah?
Pearls before swine. She didn't deserve a response.
Dan, we all admire your work saving marriages through cheating.

Perhaps if you cite some statistics showing how many marriages are saved by cheating, comparted to how many are destroyed by infidelity, it will shut Maggie up.

Please Dan, what are those numbers?...
Awesome as always, Dan.

"I may not know what women taste like..."

I've heard they taste a lot like chicken. Doesn't everything taste like chicken?
And that is what a Verbal Beatdown looks like ladies and gentlemen who like the ladies.

Give her a good ol' "Rusty Venture". That'll clean the cobwebs out of her...
"...without being shouted down by the monogamously correct."

What- Is the CDC getting under youir skin, Danny?
@53: I really don't think anyone collects statistics on either of those. Crawl back under your rock.
oh for shit's sake.

maggie gallagher went to my high school.


According to my sources performing a "Rusty Venture" doesn't require the presence of a woman.
Wow, El Trollo Magnifico, if ignorance was a disease, you would be dead by now. Wake up and smell the cappucino. If the people in the arrangement have talked it out and agreed to the terms, it isn't cheating. But then again, understanding the obvious has never been your strong point.
I love you, Dan Savage (no homo).
That whole part with the Pope had me in hysterics, particurlarly the "old fag in Rome" piece. Good stuff.
@61 Ah ha ha!
Why do you keep replying to folks who link to the Washington Monthly article, but you don't reply to that article?
Hey Dan, you may already be dealing with this but it just occurred to me that you are about to become much more of a public figure and more widely heard espousing views that run counter to those held by the American taliban. Be careful out there!
@65, I worry too - I read a celeb moaning somewhere how it's easy to sell off your privacy but impossible to buy it back. At the time I thought, oh who cares, go cry to your bank manager, but since now it's "our" Dan's family facing the prospect I do hope it turns out okay...
Dan Savage-I <3 you! Love the pope isn't fit to give females advice...genius!
That was actually my first thought too. (Yeah, to be honest, my second thought was "holy shit, I'd love to have that paycheck.) But yeah, Dan's lost his privacy, probably forever. And there are a lot of haters in the world.
People, don't be jinxy! Dan wears the armour of righteousness and glitter positive!
@46 "Dan lays out the rational, fair answer describing what the person should do and how that should be received, and straight men everywhere palm their foreheads because they know how things will *actually* be received."

Assuming you aren't just being flip...

Cultural change is slow and hard. You think feminists or civil rights workers or gay activists gave up the first million times they were laughed at ? Get all progressive men to join forces and be honest and above-board about their porn, their masturbation, and, yes, their desire for other women. Force women to understand what men want, just as feminists forced men to acknowledge what (many) women want.
MTV is the porta potty of pop culture. Your show will be a huge failure that will last less than one season and I greatly look forward to the day of its cancelation and the massive amount of shit talking trolling I will be doing.
This woman is a perfect nemesis for Dan to feud with. And it will only boost the ratings for his new show, which will infuriate her more. It's perfect!
I was trying to be anti-jinxy, actually - I come from that dirt-farming Irish ancestry that insists on naming the devil to scare him away. Now Dan will be safe.

Yes, Canuck, safe in his "armour of righteousness and glitter unicorns", i.e., the purple IGBP shirt over his disco tits. Maybe now and then with a button-down over it, when invited by Obama, say. Or maybe for a formal dinner with his new channelmates Snooki, J-Woww and The Situation...on a new cross-promotional stunt...
Geez Canuck, don't spring that 'armor of righteousness' stuff on people without warning. I nearly choked on my coffee in startled laughter at the notion of Savage as righteous. It's like calling a baseball square. The two things are mutually exclusive. Funny stuff though, thanks for the laugh.

Though, it isn't that he's immoral exactly, just that he's on the same level as my dog or a gorilla with regard to morals. Morality requires thought, you see. It requires being human. A thing like Savage renounced humanity for immediate gratification of whatever urge strikes it. All a bit sickening and depressing that a human being could so lower himself to the level of an animal. Oh well, possibly with time and a good psychologist he'll recover.
aannnnnddddd here comes the green-eyed monster in comment #75!
Seattleblues, you said: "Morality requires thought, you see. It requires being human."
Yeah, it does. You might want to try it sometime. But somehow, I think you are more of a 'My way or the Highway' kind of guy.

Somehow, I think that little leap is beyond you.
@75: I think you mean a baseball DIAMOND. It's in the shape of a square, but it's called a diamond. Also,
>implying that apes other than humans are incapable of morality
SeattleBlues, if you think Dan Savage is subhuman and incapable of thought or morality, then why are you here? If your take is that he can't learn, then why do you bother to read and comment? If your goal is to win the hearts and minds of other readers, I don't think you're going to get very far by being so insulting to Mssr. Savage.

exactly how full of shit are you? the fuck-you-I've-got-mine socio-economic outlook you tirade on and on about in every thread not pertaining to human sexuality is perhaps one of the basest examples of humanity giving into the gratification of one's self above all others. your life is a success story! you are your own boss! you look down on your employees like they were ants because they decided to work for you instead of being an entrepreneur! self-made man! "I pay for my own health care, so clearly no one else should need assistance"! clinging to traditions because the human animal doesn't have the capacity to learn anything better! ...and you have the nerve to imply that a person who is better in touch with sexuality than you, who might consider it a bigger priority than you do (because we all know that for you, its about power and procreation, right?) is somehow subhuman? righteous, man...
Seattleblues shows up to bash someone he disapproves of and to let everyone be made aware of his supposed moral superiority. You see, Seattleblues is right, and anyone who disagrees with him is wrong. Why? Because he is! He said so! And so did his magic book! It doesn’t matter how you live your life, or care for your loved ones or donate to your community. If you are not one of the people just like him, you are evil, and must be destroyed, because you will never be as good as he is.

Sad, really, watching a mind go off the rails like that.
Oh it time to find a new definition for "Gallagher" like we did for "Santorum"?
Oh it time to come up with a new definition for "Gallagher" like we did for "Santorum"? Because I believe Maggie deserves a "Google Problem"....
Seattleblues is still under the illusion that anyone under any circumstance has to answer to him and his vile little book. The days when lesbians and gay have to answer to Christians are in the past. Christians simply no longer call the shots in this nation and secularism is getting a deeper hold all the time. Seattleblues take your stinking bible and shove it where the sun don't shine.
Seattleblues is still under the illusion that anyone under any circumstance has to answer to him and his vile little book. The days when lesbians and gays have to answer to Christians are in the past. Christians simply no longer call the shots in this nation and secularism is getting a deeper hold all the time. Seattleblues take your stinking bible and shove it where the sun don't shine.
Alright, henceforth "to Gallagher" means to double-post on Slog.
gus! I'm Irish too, a whole 1/32....woot! (That percentage doesn't stop me from doing appalling step-dancing and drinking Guinness, though.) Hope your Big Hollywood Adventure is affording you a ringside seat with the trout-pout/restylane crowd!

Oh Seattleblues, I see we're in our drunk/manic mode tonight, eh? What's the matter, no support call from Exodus this week? Monthly sex with the missus not doing it for you? Just felt drawn to this sex-ay crowd again? Got your keyboard cleaned up from the last visit? You know what you have to promise me, though? You need to stop thinking about all the guys on this thread, just sitting in front of their computers--STOP!--think about Mrs. Seattleblues in her burka, doing the dishes, not all the people who have no doubt just taken a five minute break from all the deviant, perverse sex they've been having, and will no doubt go right back to having as soon as they finish commenting--STOP thinking about it! Right now!

I mention my faith only in response to comments like yours, never as a justification for any political or moral stance. This isn't because I'm ashamed of it, but because to preserve my religious liberty requires that I grant others the same license.

Yet there seem to be two standard responses to any comment about the deviant Savage, or indeed any topic.

The most common is that I'm a repressed homosexual. This of course assumes that calling me gay is insulting, and undermines everything your clay messiahs on the left have to say about 'nothing wrong with it.' The very fact that even homosexuals find calling a man homosexual insulting is very telling indeed. Additionally, it's perfectly consistent to condemn behavior without being subject to it. I have no diffuculty condemning the abuse of dogs, or bar-fighting without feeling the slightest urge to do either, for instance. I can recognize that doing ecstasy or cocaine is not good for a person without ever having used the stuff, as another example.

The second is the standard Dawkins/Hitchens modeled response. According to you folks, everything I believe is filtered through Pat Robertson or the Pope. Homosexuality isn't wrong for the obvious reason that it's so clear a violation of human sexuality in form and function, but because I read it in a book or was told it in a sermon. I don't dislike socialism as the ethically dodgy and stupidly infeasible system it is, but because my pastor/priest/televangelist said so. And so on, ad infinitum.

You might consider, just because liberals move in lockstep and take all their talking points from a few entertainers like Maddow or Hartmann or Schultz or Huffington Post doesn't mean thinking people do so as well.
Canuck, you are too good to me! And you are very kind to be so thoughtful toward poor SB, cursed as he is with the conviction that he knows all he'll ever need to.
@Seattleblues: Dodged the Ferrari I see. Spine still intact? Pity.

It certainly seems to burn your bacon that Dan and Terry are a happy, healthy family. You never miss an opportunity to cast aspersions. Your envy is palpable.
Dan is respected, and you are not.
Dan is beloved by his friends and family, and thousands upon thousands of readers, and viewers, and listeners, and you are not.
Dan got invited to the White House in honor of all he’s done fighting bullies and homophobes, and people who can’t be happy unless others are miserable.
People. Like. You.
You will never be half the man, nor half the human being that Dan Savage is, and, in that festering boil you have in lieu of a heart, you know it.

Must make you want to eat your liver.

And now in keeping with tradition:
Here’s hoping someone feeds it to you without benefit of a nice Chianti.


Sorry, forgot the Canuck response-

'You don't get sufficient sex with your wife AND you're gay.' How both are supposed to be true isn't exactly clear, but then, neither is Ms. Canuck. I mean, she isn't even aware of the distinctions between an Islamic tradition in female dress and a Christian one. Calling herself a Canadian and constantly gloating about her status living there, she still bristles at any questioning of her American-ness. Oh, and random vulgar comments indicative of exactly how little class she has, rather than hiding that embarassing fact. Weird.


Again, didn't mention the Bible, Quran, Vedas or any other sacred text as support for a single position on politics or sexuality. Sorry for what must have been a traumatic experience with Christianity, but your rank hatred of the faith tells much more about you than about Christianity/Christians.

Seattleblues: there may not be research to answer your exact question, there is research to show that swingers, who are by definition not monogamous, are happier in their marriages:

"According to ABC News reporter John Stossel, who conducted an investigation in the Swinglifestyle. Stossel reported several Americans are swingers, according to estimates by the Kinsey Institute and other researchers. Stossel cited Terry Gould's research, which concluded that "couples swing in order to not cheat on their partners." When Stossel asked swinging couples whether they worry their spouse will "find they like someone else better", one male replied, "People in the swinging community swing for a reason. They don't swing to go out and find a new wife;" a woman asserted, "It makes women more confident - that they are the ones in charge." Stossel interviewed 12 marriage counselors. According to Stossel, "not one of them said don't do it", though some said "getting sexual thrills outside of marriage can threaten a marriage". Swingers that Stossel interviewed claimed "their marriages are stronger because they don't have affairs and they don't lie to each other. 12 of 12 marriage counselors do not have a problem with swinging.


This is eloquence! Well, vulgar and small spirited eloquence, but you're trying! Good job!

Still wishing for my kids to watch me die in an accident? How kind.

Dan and Terry and the supremely unfortunate young man they are raising are not a family. Nor is he respected, except by a tiny minority of left wing oddballs. He's a freak show people get to watch for free. He's Justin Beiber, or Paris Hilton.

Being invited to the White House by Obama isn't a complement. It's an insult.

As for respect/love et al, I suppose it's in the eye of the beholder. I have a close immediate family, a large extended family, friends in various countries, professional colleagues and clients and employees who seem fine with me. You personally wishing me dead is something I can live with.
@88: Ah how quickly you forget! Try a third response on for size Seattleblues. Remember, I don’t think you are driven by religious conviction. I don’t think you are a closet case, and I can’t even grant you the mitigation that mental illness might afford your putrid sputterings.I believe you to be a genuinely bad person, motivated by greed, envy, and hatred, who uses the cloak of conservatism in a vain attempt to disguise your leprous soul. Kisses!
Mr. Mehlman,

Sorry to burst your bubble on two fronts-

In my view people like Mr. Savage are the barbarians at the gate, attempting to destroy what Western culture has built up at so great an expense. They don't even have the excuse of doing this for societal good. They do it for self justification or out of simple spite. I would no more side with him than with Karl Marx, though at least Marx thought his positions out.

And it's possible to be addicted to working out, just as it's possible to be addicted to alchohol or coffee. What Savage looks like in a t-shirt may not be conclusive evidence of his Calivinist work ethic.
gus, I'm thinking Seattleblues could use a--wait for it--fappuchino right about now, heh. And you have to promise me you'll dance around your hotel room tonight singing "I Can Do That"...just because. And now, because I really don't want to go back downstairs to watch the hockey game:

1.Call us crazy here (yes, I know, you do that already, but work with me), but most of the men we see in the news who are the most aggressively homophobic, the most bent on passing anti-gay legislation, are also self-loathing closeted guys, it seems to go hand in hand, which is why some of us leap to the not so far-fetched conclusion that it may be a valid reason for your spending SO much time on this gay blog talking about gay guys having gay sex...just sayin'.

2. It is a known fact that people who have regular orgasms are happier and more chilled out than those who don't. Case in point: You. Wife. Not happening with regularity.

3. Yes, I'm thrilled to live in an awesome country like Canada that will allow my kids to marry if any of them happen to be gay, and that has universal health care like every other developed nation except for the States. I also have a long family history in the States, which I find interesting, genealogy-wise, although I'm rather less proud about it in recent years.

3. Burka was figurative, doofus. I could've said Christian caftan, I suppose.

4. Class? Oh, honey, people who worry about class never had it to begin with.

@94: Ah yes a tiny minority is all it takes to get a book on the New York Times best sellers list! If that is the case, considering the vast and international following of which you boast, where, pray tell, are your published works upon that list? Your podcast? Nationally syndicated column? How many videos have people both famous and ordinary contributed to your historic social project? Why have we been denied the benefit of your wisdom on CNN, or MSNBC or even Fox? Hmmmm?
And as far as an invite to the White House goes, your display of sour grapes makes me laugh and laugh. You are a bad person eaten alive by envy of your betters. And we all see you.


Gay blog? Hmm. I thought it was a political blog. Since, you know, most of the staff postings are about things other than homosexuality. I might ask why a heterosexual happily married woman is so concerned with what she considers a gay blog, but don't really care about the answer.

And I repeat, Savage is a barbarian at the gates of my culture. A culture I might add, which unlike you I actually enjoy. He is one of those who must destroy but couldn't actually build anything socially. That he's gay is his business, so long as he doesn't ask me to treat that as my obligation. But you see, he does. Always. Having chosen a lifestyle, he won't accept the consequences of the choice, and that honestly offends me.

My relations with my wife are really our business, but I thank you for the concern.

What the dickens is a 'Christian caftan?' I admit to being blissfully ignorant about womens styles (though not the credit card bills associated with them) but that one got by me.
Seattleblues @88:
How nice for you that you don't bring it up. That hasn't stopped you from using it as a crutch to support your beliefs. An example: A Jew who doesn't tell anyone he is Jewish is no less Jewish. And bigoted homophobes who use religion as the basis for their reasoning, but don't tell anyone what that religion is, makes them no less a bible-thumping bigoted homophobe.

Glad I could spell that one out for ya.

And I just love that you know who is a deviant, what is and isn't a family, and what is moral and good in this world and what isn't. Why, I am surprised that a man of your obviously staggering intellect and moral rectitude isn't the leader of the free world and a paragon of virtue for the whole world to emulate!

Wait, no I'm not. Because you wouldn't know a deviant if it fell on you. But you might see one if you looked in a mirror. The only proof you have to your positions is your conviction that you are right and everyone who doesn't follow that path is wrong. You want your freedom of religion, but won't let anyone else have freedom of conviction if it doesn't align with your own. That, in itself, is a myopic, self-centered, judgmental view of people who disagree with you.

"In my view people like Mr. Savage are the barbarians at the gate, attempting to destroy what Western culture has built up at so great an expense. They don't even have the excuse of doing this for societal good. "

Care to provide any proof of this? Or are you just espousing an opinion?

I don't recall boasting about an international following. Having spent a lot of time travelling and living abroad I've made friends... well...abroad. Personally I don't find that too surprising. Sorry that you do.

Nor am I jealous of Mr. Savage. I've been moderately lucky and am very content with my own life.

Yes, heterosexuals are supposed to wear the hair shirt with regard to gays right now, so boys kissing on television or gay oriented books sell to people who don't know any better. It's a little like all the husbands/boyfriends who read Chicken Soup for the Soul years ago. You ladies didn't actually think we LIKED that crap, did you. Really? Huh! Actually, it's more like the old pop commercial which told the viewer to be different and all rush out and buy that brand of soda.

Without placing him on the same level as Savage, more on a continuum from the banal evil to the overtly evil, Hitler and Genghis Khan had followings too. Didn't make them good men, in my opinion.


Yes, I was espousing an opinion. Hence the preface 'in my view.' The very notion of a barbarian in modern context implies an opinion.
I guess what's interesting to me is that Gallagher's initial comment reads, to any sane, rationally-thinking, inquisitive person, as a direct endorsement of Dan's thinking/argument, and an obvious rebuttal of her own organization's rhetoric. Is the religious right really so oblivious as to ignore this and just think "well, she said she doesn't like Dan Savage, so, I don't either"?

I love Dan Savage.
@104 Ooooo! I can answer! (I have a Masters in Seattleblues) "Because buttsex caused the fall of Rome." Or something...

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