That video is just sound bites. No interview. Hrmph.
Eeeks, I will try replanting the code to see if that works. If not, follow the link to Huffington Post--it's at the bottom of that article.
Ah, that's the "cold open" and the next video you see as it ends is the interview with Graves. The cold open is not very interesting.
@1, fixed! Thank you.
It's like watching Vinny Babarino with a southern accent.
Wow, I am glad I am not a woman. Shit's going to suck if the fundies get their way.
I wouldn't want to be old, disabled or unemployed either. But being a Billionaire will be fun!
Good to know that my health as a woman in this country is a waste. Thanks, senator.
Oh, but they think your health as a woman is important to them. They just can't see past that abortion thing, and probably the help for the poor of any kind thing as well.
Of course, if the Democrats hadn't been corporate sell outs themselves in the first place, we wouldn't have these problems.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother looking at anything political in the first place. Hard to take this system seriously when almost anyone who has any chance of getting elected is in bed with bankers and developers.
Very satisfying? That was pure torture to watch.
Someone should inform the congressman that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" comes from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.
Or a child. The majority of people on Medicare are children.

Of course, children don't vote, and don't own multi-billion dollar corporations, so repubs don't give a fuck about them.
@11: he says that it comes from the Declaration. It's a total non-sequitur. I had to watch that part like three times to eventually realize that there is no reason that he brings it up.
That redneck peckerwood unpeeled like an onion. Way to go Lawrence.
Joe Barton should not be able to redefine anything. He's a fucking moron. I've never seen the plural of gas spelled that way but I guess it's an acceptable spelling.
But wouldn't a bill to ignore the Senate and the President have to go through...the Senate and the President first?

There is a gigantic hole in their logic. Then again, when isn't there?
Every Georgia politician is a waste of oxygen.

The whole south needs to go. Maybe we can have a reverse Civil War and force these assholes to secede.
No, we need to tell southern liberals to quit moving here. Stay in the south and fix it!
OK, can you really blame people for wanting to have sane neighbors and not have crosses burned in their yards or get shot at?

Do you mean Medicaid?

Yes... damn multitasking fail.

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