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At 97 the "locking jaw" is a myth.
I have actually been bitten by a pit bull (breaking up a fight between a Husky & a pit bull at a fellow dog walker's, not my own dogs) and it was not difficult to get the pit bull to release.
Hey! I think we've discovered the inspiration for Dwight on "The Office"--Venomlash!
OMG, some of these comments are idiotic. The pit bulls were on her property and were fighting with her dog. If a dog walks onto your property, starts fighting with your dog, and ends up in your house; if you don't kill that strange dog you are a fucking moron. It is your right to kill any dog on your property fighting with your dog regardless of the details. You P.C. animal nuts are as ridiculous as people who subscribe to various conspiracy theories.
Can everyone who is not Julie Russell or a pit bull owner with an iq below 50 just decide that Julie Russell is a fucking moron?
107 comments got the crazies at the anti-pit bull propaganda site all excited.
Dear Crazies, I am no longer a FABB member (since your homework, tards) but thanks for cyber-stalking me and posting pics of me:)
@ we had neighbors who let their Chiuahuaua roam free . He would sneak in to our yard and play w/ our dogs. His play style was loud and sounded fight-y at first, then they would all play chase. The sound terrified me at first. Are you saying I should have killed sweet little Pepe just bc it was my legal right to do so?? That is F-ed up.
Julie, did you not read the part where the woman stabbed the pit bulls while they were in her house fighting with her dog?

It is difficult for dumb people to realize they are dumb. You are a case in point. You lack the meta-cognitive abilities to see that your arguments are ridiculous. Your previous attempt at making an analogy shows us all this.

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