While I dislike the model that HuffPo uses, it's one thing to give celebrities an occasional platform to write on, career journalists/editorial writers should be payed. Now it's their (the professionals) own fault for agreeing.

This is not unlike the 'zines and e'zines from the 90s that would offer to use writing or art from people in return for "exposure", it's just on a much larger scale and a rare success.
Goldy, you're gonna be rich! You can quit this stupid job!
HuffPo was shit, and its smell has not improved with the AOL payoff/buyout. Fuck 'em.
What's the old joke? If you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.

If you look at what's been happening to AOL's supposed value from the days when they bought Time Warner, you would be excused for thinking that these unpaid bloggers are REMOVING value from the company at a rate of about a million dollars a second. The same will eventually be true of Huffington Post.
I stopped going to HuffPo the day they were bought out by AOL. Much of the stuff posted there is just fluff and rather than wasting time on celebrity gossip I go to Talking Points Memo or Al Jazeera etc. to read real news.
Put Mudede on this!
I get your point. But were the contributors informed that Huffpo, which included their creative product, could be sold for hundreds of millions of dollars? If they were not informed, then I think they have a case. It all depends on how tight the contractual agreement was. I'm betting that they were not informed. If they were, would they have signed away their rights. Don't think so.
Does anyone know what Arianna is going to do with all that money? Change her stripes, yet again, and start a new Tea Party web site? Her career is one of perpetual self-promotion, jumping on the latest bandwagon, so she won't be out of the spotlight for long. She has no real values, other than seeing her name in lights.
@7: the website had a standard sort of " by submitting posts the content becomes HuffPo property" clause. Most websites do. Here's the Stranger's:
The user of The Stranger's website grants The Stranger a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and fully sub-licensable license to use, distribute, publish, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform and publicly display (in whole or in part) all graphics, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, or other content you post on, or link to from, The Stranger's website, along with the right to incorporate any such content into other works in any format or medium now known or later developed.

Didn't know about it? Not their problem. Your fault for not clicking the small "terms of use" and "privacy policy" buttons at the bottom of the page
Not that anyone cares but you don't "engage in unjust enrichment." You engage in suspect practices by which you are "unjustly enriched."
The guy filing the lawsuit also ran in the Democratic primaries against Charlie Rangel (2010) and Hillary Clinton (2006) previously (from the left). Not that anyone cares.

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