She shouldn't be punished. Her whole world is unraveling. I think that's punishment enough. Her father is a cheater, her mother must be devastated, her whole family is falling apart, and a friend of the family can't be trusted any more. She needs to be sent to therapy, and hugged a lot, and given some stability, not punishment!!! And the father in this situation needs to stop projecting the blame onto his daughter. He fucked up, and he should have known better. His daughter is only 15. She reacted normally for that age.
The father and his girlfriend were bound to get caught in something like this, if they were that careless. What did they expect? He is a grown-up who should bear some responsibility for the entire situation and not fob it off on his 15 year old, who probably does not have the best role models. This would be funny, if I were not worried about the 15 year old. Granted she should not have passed off the images to innocent people, but the grown-ups involved, (not the mother), have a lot to answer for.
On second thought, what is wrong with transparency? The daughter is a lot like Julian Assange, except that no important state's secrets have been exposed and there is almost no likelihood that anyone will get killed. Why is the father even married, I wonder?
She went overboard, though. I would have sent the faceless provocative pics to my mother only, because she deserves to know my father is cheating her, no matter with whom.
So understandably we all think the dad is a POS. Agreed. How does this turn into a free pass for the daughter to send the pictures to the other kid? How they are they not just as innocent in this situation as the teenage daughter? I get that she is angry and that is completely fair but I can not get past how vicious and cruel it was of her to send those pictures to her kids. Everyone is saying how she is now screwed for life because of what the dad did to her, well looks like she is even now with the damage she did to those kids. Yes the parents should be punished, and I am betting they will be but what gave her the right to do what she did. I do not care about those pictures being sent to anyone but the other kids. She should have to anwser for that and only that. Just imagine you kids not only having their family broken up but also being sent pictures of their mother naked with a message. I know I am speculating but most fifteen year old's would most likely also write something explaining the message even if it was just a short and sweet your moms a whore. Sending it to the kids was calculated and cruel. I know the situation is awful but I can not get past her sending it to the children and I hope she either immediately remorseful and has apologized. It doesn't seem that way and she deserves to punished but ONLY because of the other kids. If she hadn't sent them to the kids, I would have a very simple message for dad. Do not try and punish your daughter, you are a selfish POS who needs to immediately grovel and express your profound and utter disappointment in yourself. Also you do not get to make the terms of what happens with your family now. That is up to your wife. So sit down, shut up and take your punishment. You deserve it. Oh and if you try and punish your daughter for anything besides sending it to the other kids, remember that moment because when you are old and alone you will be able to pinpoint the moment you lost her forever. Probably down to the millisecond.

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