I guess it's old news, though it's new to me (via Atrios), that Seattle placed 11th on US News and World Report's list of 10 Best Cities for Public Transportation. (Yes, 11th.)

Other major cities that came close to making the cut were the Washington, D.C., metro area and Seattle, Washington, both at No. 11, and Chicago, Illinois, at No. 13. Though all three of these systems had relatively high ridership and public investment, they all also experienced far more safety incidents—such as collisions, derailments, and fires—per million trips than the cities in the top 10.

Really? I mean all of it. Especially the part about Seattle ranking tied with D.C. and just above Chicago. I don't mean to dis Metro and Sound Transit, but hard to believe.

Number one on the list? Portland, OR. Which is great, of course, but again, hard to believe that it outranks New York City.