I am a married, straight guy in his mid 30's, two young children in primary school so we are past the sleep deprived stage of being parents and I have been with my wife for 16 years now counting dating.

There is nothing wrong with our relationship and sex life; more sex from my point of view would be nice but whatever. I just had a general question. Of the various ways we have sex in terms of positions, doggy style is the fastest. By "fastest" I mean we both reach climax the quickest when making love this way; depending on the amount of foreplay, it can be as short as under a minute to no longer than 5 minutes. Other positions normally take at least 5 minutes for the intercourse stage and most are much longer depending on other factors. All things being equal though doggy style is very quick for us both.

In that position my wife is slightly bent down over some pillows while I am entering her vagina from behind. The advantage for my wife is she says she gets maximum stimulation this way. Her hands are free to play with her clitoris or my balls; my balls can slap against her clitoris as I am thrusting into her; my hands are free to play with her nipples. For me its a very comfortable position for my back: I have my back straight and I can get movement by just moving her hips. (I have a bad back and damaged some disks and a vertebra some time ago.) A slight variation on this is going down on my wife, having her orgasm or be nearly to that point, switch positions and then we have sex doggy style. So while I am aroused I am not as far along as my wife and the combined sexual experience lasts longer for my wife. Also, the doggy style position is useful at those times when my wife is willing to have sex but isn't really that interested in getting off, so we have foreplay focusing on me, move into position and its over fairly quick. A very useful position we have discovered just on the quick side is its only down side, if you want to call it that.

My question: do you have any suggestions for additional positions that would have same effects, i.e. positions that would allow easy access to my wife's body, leave our hands free, and not put strain on my back.

A Happy Husband

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Maybe if you had provided me with just a little more information about the doggy-style sex you're currently having, AHH, I could formulate a useful response. I mean, I've read your letter twice and I still don't know what color the bedspread is, whether the lights on or off, and if your clit-slapping left nut hangs lower than your clit-slapping right nut or clit-slapping vice-versa.

But even with that additional information, AHH, there's no guarantee that any of the other positions I might suggest would work for you and the wife. MIssionary, doggy style, woman-on-top, reverse cowgirl, upended wheelbarrow, inverted comma—what works for one couple may not work for another. Positions, like pleasures, can be personal and particular. And there are physiological considerations: the angle of your erection combined with the angle of your wife's vaginal canal and location of her clit could make or break a position for you two. Ultimately the only way to find out if a position works for you, the wife, and your angles is to assume it.

But while I'm not going to suggest any specific positions—I will add, however, that I threw my back out attempting the inverted comma in an enclosed space—I do have a couple of suggestions for you: blow $8 on a cheesy book like this and $185 bucks on something useful like this. And if you're really serious about finding a new way to have sex with the wife that leaves your hands free and hers, doesn't strain your back, and allows you to gently move the wife back and forth on your dick without you having to thrust, you might wanna blow $450 on one of these. (Don't want any incriminating eyebolts in the ceiling? Blow another $489.95 on one of these.)