Aww, geez. I needed a good cry. Thanks.
what took them so long?! because i think this is one of the best ones yet!
It's lovely. Anyone who doubts that bigotry and discrimination is still hurting people has only to watch these tough guys tearing up, remembering high school. God. And at the DOMA hearings, Maggie kept saying, "I'm not a bigot, it's terrible that people say that about me."
kinda nice that there was no need to say in the video that these were apple employees.
I think I like the Microsoft one better. The ones in this Apple look nice, presentable, dressed for this occasion. Whereas the MS one shows people with tattoos, piercings, bad hair, wearing clothes they probably wore to work that day. You know, people who dont look like they work for a software company.

But still, nice to see more of these videos on YouTube.

Any chance of getting Henry Rollins to do one of these videos? Some of his spoken word is like this, telling of stories of how messed up his upbrinding was and how he got through it, how he tells other how to get through it, how things obviously get better once you leave HS and start living on your own.... but at some point, trails off into poetry about hating cops in LA.
I enjoyed the moist bear so much! (I thought Apple had already submitted one of these, but I guess that was another big tech company....dare I say, the corporate ones kind of run together?)
I'd feel better about this if there hadn't been the recent controversy over the ex-gay app.

God, I'm bitter.
In six months they'll come out with a newer, supposedly better version of it.
I saw this on Facebook last night and was glad I had some kleenex handy. The people who are recalling their attempted suicide are the hardest for me to watch, but I'm very glad they are all still here to share their darkest hour.
I'm very fortunate that I lived through my last suicide attempt at age 17. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have tried it, though, if I'd seen these videos. This one in particular.
I bet everyone on these threads is happy you lived through it too, TVDinner. Glad you're still with us!
I'm glad too, TVDinner. Surviving an attempt can make the road kind of twisty here and there all through life - I hope you'll always find a bit of peace in these.
I caught this yesterday on daring fireball, an apple blog by John gruber. Of the major software companies I think this has been the most earnest and moving. Kinda blew the google one out of the water.
@ 8 - Ha!! Good one.

Excellent vid, thanks for the eyewash. :)
Oh TVDinner, I'm KNOW your daughter is so very glad you are still here! No doubt in my mind.

I started to say I'm SURE but changed it to I KNOW but it didn't change. Or I screwed up, that's probably it. *sigh* I'm SURE you all KNOW what I meant.
Does anybody know why YouTube has taken this video down?
Woah, why is it gone? The message says, "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities." What's up with that?
Kinda blew the google one out of the water.

@13: You obviously pissed off Google.
Uhh YouTube, What the Fuck?!? Who ever marked that as a violation should be fired...out of a canon into a volcano.
Gosh, I wasn't expecting such a response. Thanks, you guys. Really I just want to emphasize how incredibly important this project is. As a high school student I identified as a lesbian (Oops! Turned out I liked sausage and eggs!) and attended a suburban public high school with a biiiig football field. Inevitable rumors flared up, and I asked friends to escort me to my car because I was afraid of being assaulted in the parking lot. ("All that dyke needs is a good fuck!") On top of that, my girlfriend was a controlling, alcoholic bitch, and I had no one to talk to about it. No one. It was an immense amount of pressure for a 17-year-old to take, and I cracked.

It was luck and luck alone that saved my life. And I'd had the privilege of living within a bus ride of Capitol Hill. I'd volunteered for the AIDS quilt and met actual gay people. My parents, when I finally told them, were loving and accepting, and I never feared that they wouldn't be. I had so many, many more advantages than most gay kids had, especially at that time (1991-2), and *I* almost didn't make it. I can't imagine what it's like for kids without those advantages.

This project matters so much to those kids. It would have made a world of difference in my own life, and I know good goddamn well that it will to others. Hang in there, kids. You're gonna make it through. And it's so, so worth it.
@18-20 Maybe the part about how he went about attempting suicide by taking pills? That's all I can think of. Makes no sense.
Oh, I found it mirrored at…
TVDinner, thanks for sharing a bit of your story too.

I can't believe it got taken down! Sure, it's more gut-wrenching an approach than the earlier company videos, the ones that came out in response to the original urgent call for videos. Apple folks, by taking time to wait and see what other companies did, have been able to see what worked and what didn't for those early, eager companies, and so pump it up a bit.

I'll be surprised if it stays off YouTube for long. Standing on the shoulders of those who came before, they've moved the form along for IGBP, and that's the main thing.
A little warning on that link there would be appreciated, Erica. The first video that activates is a Men's Rights Campaign, and I didn't figure it out until my ears were bleeding.
Unfortunately it looks like some homophobes reported it as promoting a harmful activity and the automated system on YouTube took it down.

It's powerful, it's good and it reinforces the message of Dan and the Trevor project. I like it. Now to find out how to get YouTube to let everyone see it again.
WTF? It now says it's been removed "as a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities".
TVDinner, I thank you for sharing your story, and I thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that your attempt failed. Have you done a video for IGBP? If you haven't, I hope you will.
Hoping Dan makes some noise about YouTube's removal of this video for "a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities."
It's back up now! YEAH!
TV Dinner, there were so many hungry nights I could not have made it without you...

Oh wait. Well I am glad that you are here even if you are not really a food group.

the MS one shows people with tattoos, piercings, bad hair, wearing clothes they probably wore to work that day. You know, people who dont look like they work for a software company.

You must not know many people who work for software companies around here. It's not like in the beginning of The Matrix.
@25 - sorry! I thought I was linking to the actual video. Whoops!
harmful activities
have been known to give 20% of participants AIDS...
Another one of those beautiful IGB videos that made my eyes sweat.
Very moving. Nice one.
I keep thinking of the woman who was so afraid her parents would reject her. It's so important to tell your kids - "the world will tell you that it's hard to talk to your parents about sex and sexuality. That's not our family. There is nothing you could ever say to us about who you are that would make us stop loving you." A simple message, early on, could spare our children misery and save lives.

Bless the souls so generously giving hope to others.
Full support for the iGays. Well done.
We need to find a word for "Palin" like "Santorum. How about the cum saliva after someone has swallowed?
These warm my days so much. I don't want to pretend like my closeted-bi suffering (can't lie to high schoolers i guess) was or is the same as an openly gay person in high school, but for the bits I did and do get the fag comments, I find this very cathartic. Makes me feel less alone and I hope that feeling transfers to people who actually need it.

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