I met an award winning go-go boy and it turns out he's straight. We've been fucking on an almost weekly basis for a little over a month. The sex is amazing, everything is perfect in bed. He spends most of his life with gay guys stuffing money in his underwear, so I give him the opportunity to reassert his masculinity and I am thrilled to be on the receiving end of all of this. Afterwords we shower, smoke a blunt, and then he leaves. In my opinion, this is the perfect relationship. I don't have time for a boyfriend and this way I get to have great sex without the time and mental commitment required to be in a serious relationship. The only issue is... we have to have sex at a hotel and I always pay for the hotel. I initiated the sex, so the first time it seemed appropriate that I pay. When I mentioned maybe having him pay, he said, "I think it's hot that you pay."

Maybe he really feels that way, maybe he's just being cheap. I don't really care that I'm paying for sex and I'm not emotionally invested in this relationship. I think he's worth the money. My friends have a serious issue with this setup. They all think that I should stop seeing him if he isn't going to pay. I look at it like I am just one more person in his life that pays money to see his dick, only he gets to fuck me. It's not like he's a rent-boy鈥擨 am paying for the room, not the sex. If I am comfortable with this situation, is there any reason for me to listen to my friends? Is this really such a big deal?

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My response after the jump...


What your friends think about this arrangement would only be relevant, MUAAFM, if you were asking your friends to chip in for the room. If they're not chipping in, and if you don't mind paying for the room, and if knowing that you're willing to pay for the room makes "an award-winning go-go boy" wanna fuck the living shit out of you once a week, then by all means pay for the damn room. (What organization is it that presents awards to go-go boys?)

And his explanation makes total sense: hot straight guys who go-go dance for gay men are getting off on something, MUAAFM, and it's not the prospect of sucking off all those dudes. (Or being sucked off by all those dudes, which is probably what most of the gays in the crowd would prefer.) What he enjoys is the feeling of being so actively and desperately desired. And money, not awards, provides the most accurate measure of a go-go boy's desirability鈥攁nd his power. Is he making lots of dough? Is his jockstrap full of twenties, not ones? Then they want him bad. A straight go-go boy who enjoys his work gets off on that feeling, gets off on it at some level, even if he's not blowing loads about it.

What does your willingness to pay for the room do for him? Exactly what all those that tips from anonymous male strangers do: it affirms his desirability and his power. It's a good sign that he's self-aware enough to admit as much to you, MUAAFM, and that he has some insight into how money plays into his erotics. It's also a good sign that he hasn't asked you for any direct cash payments. And, yes, you always paying for the room does being a whiff of commodification to your fuckbuddy relationship鈥攂ut he is a go-go boy, MUAAFM.

This isn't the sort of foundation on which you can build a lasting relationship鈥擨 wouldn't marry this man鈥攂ut if all you're after is short-term sex and you can afford the price of the room and you're using condoms (not all straight go-go boys draw the line at accepting tips from gay men), go-go for it. (Sorry.)