In response to my morning news post, we got this email:

Subject: snark attack
Date: April 28, 2011 11:15:23 AM PDT


I'm good at ignoring most of your insults, including some Stranger stories dressed up as journalism. But I don't appreciate snark when it's aimed at one of my (hard working) reporters. If you find one of our stories that doesn't agree with your obvious and stated bias, plse., don't link to it.

How Long Until Emily Heffter Gets Back? Lynn Thompson at the Seattle Times writes clumsy hit piece on Sierra Club for opposing the deep-bore tunnel (AKA, for having the gall to disagree with ST's editorial page).

Mark Higgins
Metro Editor/The Seattle Times

You got it, Mark. In the future, I'll only link to your biased articles dressed up as neutral journalism when I agree with them.