I generally try not to link to racist right-wing site Atlas Shrugs very often because it's even more repulsive than the usual right wingnut sites. But this comment is indicative of the way the right-wing blogosphere is dying inside:

Not sure if I believe this.
Really - the timing of this is VERY suspicious.
Obama's ratings are in the toilet. Trump forced him to submit a forged B.C. Jerome Corsi's book is about to roast the Loser in Chief and now Bin Laden is killed.
Hmmmmmm. Very suspicious. Me thinks this could very well be nothing but an attempt to manufacture brownie points.
If the White House can put out a blatantly faked birth certificate, they can CERTAINLY make up a story about Bin Laden being killed. After all, how can any of us stupid Americans prove it wrong?
Don't believe this one, my friends.

RedState commenter aesthete can't believe Obama had the nerve to announce bin Laden's death:

Amazing. Obama is taking credit for OBL's capture/death in his speech
Absolutely incredible.

acat agrees:

Absolutely predictible, Asthete.
The man’s ego knows no bounds.

Much more, including a bunch of conspiracies from the Ron Paul nuts, after the jump.


He said "I directed Petreous to make Killing or capturing OBL Priorit #1
As if it wasn’t a Priority for Bush…

and yess it was I…I…I…Me…me…me… throughout the announcement.

He did get around to giving credit to the people involved in the fire fight but not till he made sure he told everybody how proud he is of himself and what a great man and leader he is.


Humble Spirit is not a virtue I would ascribe to BO.

In fact, sitting here, I’m not sure WHAT virtues I would ascribe to the ‘Bamster. I guess he pronounces his “S’ss” with clarity and vigor. And his suits look good on him. And I like that he swims occasionally with his family. Other than that…

I am reading George Bush’s “Decision Points” at the moment, and the differences between a confident, humble, loving Commander in Chief and a virulent, pip-squeak Marxist ideologue narcissist who detests the projection of American power are stunning in the context of cold, hard reality.

Barack Obama taking credit for the killing of Osama Dust Bin Laden is akin to the Batboy taking credit for the World Series Win. Yeah, he was there, but the bats would have made it to the plate without him.

From The Daily Paul:

Communists always make announcements on May first !

OBL has been dead for years. 911 was an inside job.

Wow. Don't you feel safer now that he's dead!?!! (Like 10 yrs. ago). Won't you sleep so much better?? (Watch the puppet on the left...)

Gotta wonder what kinda diversion tactic/false flag this is. Dollar crash? Anyone??

This one is in relation to the crowds in front of the White House that spontaneously gathered to cheer the news:

it might be staged
I think there's a better than even chance that the crowd was brought in - where would they all have come from late on a Sunday night? Who do you know that would go cheer in front of the WH over an assassination? No one? I don't know anyone that would think to do that.

Indeed! Those folks over at Glenn Beck's The Blaze are picking apart footage of the crowd, trying to prove that no young people would ever be excited about a military victory, too. That whole thread is full of conspiracy gold, if you want to spend some hours chasing imaginary rabbits down holes.

Goodnight, crazy.