TPM, from a White House briefing with John Brennan, a chief counterterrorism adviser to President Obama:

Bin Laden engaged in the firefight, but it was unclear if he picked up a firearm or shot any rounds. Brennan also identified bin Laden as the combatant who had used a woman as a human shield. She was the only woman who died in the operation, which also killed a courier for bin Laden, the courier's brother, and one of bin Laden's sons, Brennan said. Brennan later said it was his understanding that the woman was one of bin Laden's wives.

"She served as a shield โ€” this is my understanding โ€” when she fought back โ€” when there was an opportunity to get to bin Laden โ€” she was positioned in a way that she was used as a shield. My understanding was she was one of bin laden's wives," Brennan told reporters.