Probably angery birds jahad edition...

Should have stored their secrets on the Amazon Cloud...would have been completely obliterated.
I want to know what porn Osama looked at.
Bootleg Hollywood films and Metallica recordings. The man had no conscience.
Burned copies of gilligan's island.
God damn right they should release photos & videos of Osama's dead body.

You can't argue over video footage. Except for the moon landing. And the 9/11 towers falling. And... oh shit...
"the White House is trying to decide whether to release "gruesome" photos of bin Laden's dead body"

If we can't release photos of the coffins of those in service, don't release photos of bin Laden's body.
every episode of glee.
Nothing staves off the emergence of any denial-based conspiracy these days. Trust in official narratives has been fundamentally undermined.
Dude, Osama had an iPad, Jihad edition (with a Space Needle screensaver) ...
His user ID: 'Will in Seattle' and password.
"we can't release photos of the coffins of those in service"

They do release those. Now time to release your obsession with 2006.
I would prefer the pictures remain unseen. The crazies are distracting the rest of the right quite nicely and I wouldn't have that change for the world.
all work and no play makes Osama a dull boy all work and no play makes Osama a dull boy all work and no play makes Osama a dull boy...
porn. naked women covered in burkas, faces shrouded. just their unpainted toenails peeking from below the hem.
"we can't release photos of the coffins of those in service"

Btw try not to compare the bodies of American heros with that goat fucker Bin Laden; it would be unfortunate if you got your ass kicked by some servicemen fir being such a relativist asshole.
Dying to know whether he was using Linux or Windows.
Sex in the City movies.
almost all of these are fucking golden. comment thread, i lurve you.
Also on hard drive: strategy to release prematurely Canada's federal election results.
Right Wing Crazies are a given. What about the left wing crazies? For fuck sake there were a few people on SLOG already spinning conspiracies about how Bin Laden was dead years ago and Obama merely defrosted his corpse in a seeekret CIA microwave oven or some such horse shit.

Most annoying is this sanctimonious hand wringing left wing trope about how the evil warmongers just deliberately assassinated Bin Laden... like there was some other magical Chuck Norris ninja abduction option out there. That motherfucker was never going to allow himself to be taken alive. Ever. And there was no way to lay siege to that compound with out alerting the ISI, who would've dropped a dime on the CIA so fast all we would have found would be Bin Laden's false beard collection.

If Bin Laden was interested in a three year long OJ CNN show trial he could have turned himself in, right? He could've circumvented Guantanamo and turned himself in to the Canadians or French. The dude had access to Travelocity just like the rest of us. No. He wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. And he did.

And if I recall OBL was down with flying planes into the White House to off Duhbya. So I'd say the the assassination option was a door opened by Mr. Bin Laden.

Nah. The second somebody in Pakistan squealed on him and they got confirmation he was in that suburban McMansion he was as good as pushing up daisies.

We'll never know the whole story. But there is no reason to doubt the core facts as they have been presented. Those being: Obama's controversial surge and emphasis on on the ground intelligence killed Bin Laden in Pakistan last week.
bad idea to publicly release the pictures/video; I wouldn't be surprised though if the photos "leaked" in the near future... then Obama makes a public statement denouncing the leak, vow to find the perpetrator, and then after the story dies down promptly never mention it again. He'll get his cake and eat it too.
Judging by what I've seen on my Facebook feed today, there's some "deathers" on the far-left too.
A bootleg clip of Disneys the Lion King showing baby Simba being held aloft by his Kenyan father.
I think he was the "muh dik" troll.
Re: far-right and far-left deathers:
It's occurred to me more than once that extreme-lefters and extreme-righters have much more in common with each other than they do any else. They believe almost the same things; they just have different labels for them.
Releasing the photos would be a mistake. Celebrating in the street like it was a frat party was a mistake. Being an American living abroad has really made me aware of how tarnished our image is by these kinds of shenanigans. I mean, the moral high ground is totally available to us, but we just can't resist creating a spectacle now can we?
My guess is Bin Laden had beastility pictures involving goats and camels.

would have been so much funnier without the improper capitalization and spelling errors.
"My guess is Bin Laden had beastility pictures involving goats and camels."

So basically a Slogger engaging in non-normative sexual behavior.
Was there a call for Bush to release the death photos of Saddam? I don't remember. Then again, I don't get off on death-photos.
anyone who questions the death story, dumping body at sea, etc. is FAR RIGHT!!! got it. thanks, stranger.
I'm betting pictures and movies involving anti-president W, four bottles of Wesson oil, a super soaker, a live foie gras goose with its wings securely duck taped to its body, a Superman cape, five tabs of high-powered Ecstasy, a bottle of vodka, and a thirteen year old hermaphrodite named Susan.
Probably just the receipts of the money and arms he recieved from the CIA. Or it could be any of the info that made it necessary to execute him before he could testify in a trial. It's funny that people wonder why the government didn't do more to discourage "deathers". It's almost as if they want people to argue about it endlessly, just like Obama's birth certificate. It's not like there's more important problems to pay attention to, right?
and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!
His sadly uncompleted video for the "It Gets Better Project"...
I don't think releasing the death photos or funeral video would be a very good idea. The jihadis will use any images to rally more recruits, or incite violence. Look what happened with that Koran-burning video that fuck-head "pastor" (may he rot in Hell forever) in Florida posted to youtube. Twenty people in a UN compound got slaughtered by an angry mob in Afghanistan.
The Eagles' discography
It will be extremely boring: facebook and porn. In other words, what's on EVERYONE's hard drives.

and @2 FTW.
@2 fucking KILLING me! @21, I could not agree with you more. My money is on the Miley Cyrus pole dancing clip from the Nickelodean awards a couple years ago
This comment thread turned out way better than I could have possibly imagined.
was it a imac
"Step 1: Install Kenyan sleeper agent in office of President.

Step 2: Coordinate with liberals in the U.S. to bring about socialism (note to self: Call Savage, see how many more Yankee pigs converted to homosex)

Step 3: Institute socially progressive, socialist Sharia with mandatory abortions.

Step 4: Profit"
Dancing with the Jihadists?

Naked pictures of Ann Coulter?

Naked pictures of George W. Bush?

Love letters from wayward terrorists?

I give up???? What did OBL have on his hard drive???
The thing about the far-left is that they have very little influence over policy making in the Democratic Party. The far-left are Socialists and Anarchists and the Dems aren't very eager to be seen with them. The far-right, such as Tea Partiers or Libertarians are courted by the GOP.
If I know my Saudi Arabians, he's got terabytes worth of porn with blondes.
It was only a matter of time before first-person shooter video game molders brought the Bin Laden Abbottabad compound to frag boxes. The Huffington Post reports that a private game maker has faithfully re-created the bin Laden compound for “Counter-Strike: Source”. Games can bring down bin Laden without leaving home. The proof is here: Attack bin Laden in Counter-Strike Sourc…

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